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Building ABC Rail Network

Railway that arrives to Aryina City's visitor center.

Owner icooliam
Category Infrastructure
Underground? Partly
Coordinates X=1645
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp HellFireForge
Map link

The ABC Rail Network is a privately owned and ran rail network, owned by icooliam. The aim of the organisation is to provide fast and free travel to different destinations around the map, without ruining the skyline. The rails are mainly build underground in high quality clean tunnels that are well lit and usually 3x3, the reason the rails are underground is so that there are not ugly sky railway lines. Getting a station on the ABC Rail Network is free, but not completely easy. Your destination must be good quality, quite large and have a tourist attraction, however if the destination you want to have rail put to is already near a station some of these requirements may not apply. The ABC Rail Network] runs on three main networks, A, B and C. Each network has a central station and is connected to another network. As the network is fairly new there isn't many stops, and networks B and C have not been completed yet. And it never will be as icooliam is long gone. Please check out the network map below to see the different stops for each network.

Network Map

  • Network A

  • Network B
  • Network Incomplete

  • Network C
  • Network Incomplete


ABC Rail Network is currently hiring workers; the workers mainly dig tunnels and lay rails but may sometimes be provided with different jobs to do. The workers are always paid in diamonds. More information on jobs and how to get them are available at ABC Rail Network's HQ in Aryina City.


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