Acacia Glade Railway

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Building Acacia Glade Railway
Owner Mystila
Contributors thesprazzler LewisD95
Category Infrastructure
Underground? Partly
Public? Yes
Started 29th October 2014
Completed On Going Project
Coordinates X=-3618
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Vizima
Map link


Welcome to the Acacia Glade Railway Wiki

The Main Base is situated at Acacia Glade With its 3 Platforms. This forms the Main Railway hub at Acacia Glade.

Currently 2 of 3 Platforms are in operation and run a "Bring you own cart" system, however the terminals at Explorer's Island and Acacia Road International offer cart dispense systems free of charge.

As of 14th May 2018 there has been significant signs of improvements and re-development in some areas. A ticketing system will be in place in the near future, extension to level 1 area with plenty of development space and a number of new shops have begun to appear on Level 1! A possible nexus warp is planned for when the station is complete and will offer access to and from the stations Nether Portal, three running platforms, Acacia Glade and Acacia Square - A premium home building area. Built to accommodate horses too!

Acacia Glade Station Platforms

Red Line

Marked with Red Wool, this forms a Multi-stop connection from Acacia Glade Through to Acacia Road International calling at:

  • Ponn Village - NPC village with No villagers at present time
  • Lost Temple - with a short walk to Sandstone Tower An unfinished project but lovely building!
  • Al'un Village - NPC village with few villagers - Acacia Roads Connection currently ends here.
  • Soon to be extended with a new "Local Lynx" connection

Cyan Line

Marked with Cyan Wool, this forms a Multi-stop connection from Acacia Glade through to Explorer's Island Calling at:

  • Mount Nyan - Player made town with farms, lovely buildings and a project build nearby.
  • Terminates at Explorer's Island but has connection to an additional FRS network.
  • Plans for a 2018 extension NORTH of Acacia Glade

Now Occidental line - (Was Yellow Line)

Marked with Green Wool, this will form a non-stop connection from Acacia Glade through to Acacia Road International and beyond on the Freedonia Railway System This line has opened for running to the SOUTH of Acacia Glade and uses the FRS /st System to select which station to stop at!

Pictures coming soon!

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