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Organisations Angry Soiciety


Leadership snakyman
Headquarters Angry Society Headquarter
Founded 13 April 2019
Public? Yes

This organization is founded by the infamous Slime_tiger and snakyman of MCO to combat the Peaceful Society.


Common Questions

What do we do?

This is an angry organization, our members will kill anyone deliberately, because we are by nature angry!

What do you need to follow?

After you join this organization being for PvP, you will kill or cause harm to anyone, including accidents. However if you are attacked by another player, the Angry Society has no problems with blatant murder

Where can you find our headquarters?

The headquarter was finished! You can easily find it in Snaketown, we will have a lot of connetion to it. There maybe having an nexue system in the near futher too! You can see it here Angry Society Headquarter. There is a new hq in Snaketown, find it in Snaketown!
But wait... There is now a Angry Society HQ in Snaketown, under the Freedonia General Assembly.

What do you need to join?

Nothing, just be qualified to blatantly murder idiots and then get in contact with snakyman or Slime_tiger if you wish to join.

Members snakyman Slime_tiger KingServal Jonathan_Ayres OiTrowls

Thanks To

no one

Angry Contract (The Angry Contract 2019)

We have made an "Angry Contract" for the server's town. Towns that joined:

Former Members

yo momma

Banned Players From The Angry Contract

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