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Settlement Bastiansdorf
Founder bubba_basti, nosefish
Contributors Lothendal
Category Villages
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Nexus link? No
Boat link? Yes (Enjoku Route and Mushiana Route)
Coordinates X=-10750
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Quarryton
Map link

Themed village at Festung Hohenfischberg.



  • Not a place for player homes, more like a museum. Players can explore and try the interactive workshops of the craftspeople. The village need not be realistic, because Minecraft inherently isn't, but everything must be plausible.
  • As little landscaping as possible. It is supposed to look natural.
  • If possible, buildings should be interactive
  • All raw materials used in the workshops must be obtainable nearby, either harvested from farms or produced in other workshops.
  • All labels and names will be in German. Operating instructions and other signs that should be understood by everyone will be in English.



The sawmill uses water power to cut oak logs into planks.
To work here, place 4 oak logs on it vertically (horizontally placed logs will not work because of a craftbook limitation) and switch the lever. The logs will be sawed up into planks that you can collect at the saw blade.
Raw materials: The forester provides oak logs.



Mr. D√ľnn is the papermaker in Bastiansdorf. He has a large vat in which he mixes a suspension of sugar cane fibres. He then scoops the paper sheets out of this slurry, dries and presses them.
To work here, throw at least 3 or up to 63 pieces of sugar cane into the vat, wait, and take the paper out. If you throw in more than 63, the additional ones will be destroyed. You can also work the press with the lever, but be careful not to get your fingers caught in it.
Raw materials: Sugar cane can be harvested at the Sugar Cane Plantation.



The forester, Mr. Eichenblatt, plants and cuts trees. The trunks are transported down into the valley by a water slide. He is fond of apples and always keeps some in a chest in the forest, together with his prized saplings.
To work here, take logs from the chests in front of the Oak signs. Throw the logs into the water to transport them. They will be collected in a chest. Harvesting and replanting happens automatically. Should a sapling be missing, throw one on the ground close to the place where it should be growing.
Raw materials: Saplings can be found in a chest among the trees. They should rarely be needed.

Forester's hut


The butcher, Mr. Lederbaum, butchers cows and pigs to produce meat and leather.
To work here, go into the back yard and open the gate. Lure livestock onto the netherrack with wheat or carrots, close the gate, and light up the netherrack to fry them alive. The meat and leather will be collected in a chest inside the house.
Raw materials: You will be able to obtain wheat and carrots from the farms, once they are completed.

Mr. Lederbaum at work

Cavalry Stables

The soldiers of Hohenfischberg breed the finest riding pigs of all Freedonia here. Since this is expensive and money is tight, they rent them to tourists. A saddle can be obtained for a deposit of one diamond inside the building. The deposit will be returned upon return of the saddle. A carrot-on-a-stick can be crafted with materials obtainable in or around the village (not yet).

Cavalry pigs


The frailty of Minecraft boats means constant business for the ship building industry. The shipbuilders of Bastiansdorf aim to improve the sturdiness of their vessels by crafting them exclusively from oak planks provided by the local sawmill, so far without great success.
To work here, place six oak planks on the netherfence support frame to form the shape of the boat. Press the button next to it when you are done. The completed boat will be placed in the chest at the water outside. You can have the boat placed in the water and launched it down the slide automatically by pressing the wooden button there.
Raw materials: Oak planks can be obtained from the sawmill.

A boat being built
Finished boat in the water

Castle Forge

Located behind the second gate opposite the garrison building inside Festung Hohenfischberg, the weaponsmith provides the army with swords. When working there as an apprentice, do not expect to be able to forge high quality blades. Learning the craft of forging iron swords take years of dedication, and only a few masters can forge blades from diamonds. But with a little practice, you will soon be able to produce a reasonable stone sword.
To work here, you first heat two pieces of cobble stone in the netherrack furnace. Simply throw them in. Next, you prepare the handle of the sword. Take a single stick, and throw it at the anvil. I know it sounds weird, but trust a seasoned smith, it works. Make sure you do this in the correct order, or your material will be wasted. If you have done everything right, you will hear a "ding" sound and the finished sword can be collected near the workbench.
Raw materials: Obtain sticks from the stick maker (not done yet) and cobble stone from the quarry.

Forge of Hohenfischberg

Sugar Cane Plantation

Along the road to Klein Fischingen, Zacharias and Zara Zahnlos plant sugar cane. But they do not simply plant it. Sugar cane is their life. During their career, they have won many awards for their produce.
To work here, simply harvest the sugar cane. Leave the bottom segment standing, so that it can regrow. If you find a block missing, please replant it. Place any surplus sugar cane in the storage chests.


Cobblestone is extracted from the quarry by hand and through blasting operations conducted by certified blaster Karl Knallkopp every day at noon.
To work here, mine smoothstone in the designated area with a pickaxe, or wait for the blast at noon and collect cobble stone at the blast site. Only mine the smoothstone (it regenerates automatically), not cobble, dirt, or gravel (grief).

Too quiet? Just wait until noon!


A place to execute people (duh), or to watch people being executed. Regularly used for criminals, like thieves, murderers, or bakers who don't make their loaves the right size. The hillside is lined with their heads displayed on stakes.
To work here, make the convict stand on the trapdoor, imagine tightening a noose around his neck, and press the button. He might not hang, but he will die.

Path to the gallows
Any last words?


In the early days of Bastiansdorf, the mighty SlowRiot discovered an natural cross shape in the ground and showed it to the settlers. Some of them lost their faith in the One True Religion. They gave all their gold to cast it into the cross shape and built a church to SlowRiot, their new prophet and saviour, in its place.
To work here, ring the bells and praise the Lawd.

His Holy Cross

Zeppelin LZ7

An airship flying over the town built by nosefish.

Work in Progress

  • Windmill (not functional yet)
  • Stickmaker (not functional yet)
  • Ancient castle ruins
  • Mansion (needs purpose and interior decoration)
  • Farm (needs interior decoration)
  • Overseas trader's warehouse & office
  • Bakery (connected to the windmill) - bread (together with windmill)
  • Lighthouse


  • Shoemaker - leather boots from leather
  • Stonemason - cobble generator
  • Carpenter - chests?
  • Stickmaker

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