Brookers Systems Inc Office

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Building Brookers Systems Inc Office
Owner Mr. Brooker
Category Infrastructure
Underground? yes
Public? yes
Started Spring 1995
Completed June 1995
Height 4m
Coordinates X=-12563
Dimension Freedonia
Nearest warp Vizima
Map link

Brookers Systems Inc Office most of it information about the nuke that happened in 2500, that anyone does. Signs tell us, that nuke happened after big war of nations that was going for one century until they started to use atomic bombs. At August of 2500, nuke war started. Signs tell us to lead your way to the airport that will help you to get away from nuke's explosion. There is no info what happened to those who worked in office and what happened to the founder Mr.Brook. Now, 507 years after incident, there is Kyrza built near it.

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