Cheese's Layer

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Settlement Cheese's Layer

Cheese's House

Founder KingOfCheeseLand
Contributors Bigred999 Thonykidd
Category Settlements
Public access? (Only Upon Request)
Nexus link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes (The Portal Access Is a Trap)
Coordinates X=5779
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp NovumCulta
Map link


The Sheep Farm

The KingOfCheeseLand was finding it hard to make money and noticed the supplies of wool in his chest were scare. In shock, he realised he needed a solution to this dire problem. From that point on he was determined to make his own massive sheep farm. Spending almost half a month looking for spawners and flogging off his diamond for them, he gathered a great total of 86 spawners all ready to be placed on the sheep farm. He sold the huge amounts of mossy cobblestone he found in his flea market store, most of which was immediately bought by werdnaz. Then, he began the long and tiresome job of designing and creating the sheep farm that stands next to the KingOfCheeseLand's house to this day.

The Reed Farm

Cheese once again was bored, and inspired by the CatVille Reed Farm, Cheese wanted his very own. This project used well over 500 pistons - special thanks to xanderstrike and Machines_Are_Us for donating pistons to Cheese's cause. The farm is fully automatic, using the receiver band shyday which measures whether its day or night and is commonly used for shylights. This receiver is rigged up to an RS-Nor latch which pulses the current once to toggle the pistons to break the reed away. To collect the reed an Auto-Collector IC is used to plop each bit into a chest. This project was probably the most boring thing Cheese has ever done in minecraft - he advises you only only attempt this in creative mode singleplayer.


Simply a Statue Of a Skeleton. He just wanted to make one I guess.

The Pen-house

One day Cheese decided to show his respect to chickens and build them a nice statue. Inside the statue is a little resting and socialising point where Cheese tends to create his ideas, while enjoying the view from the top of the chicken or sitting down inside. If you do pass by sometime and have scarce supply of food, there is a cow grinder which gives you some lovely fresh steak for your neeeds.

Cheesey Pistons

When 1.7 had just come out and pistons were the topic that everyone was buzzing about, Cheese was inspired to make a wall engraved with his nickname. Using a Player Above IC when you stand on the glowstone, his nickname will appear and thunder sets the mood. 100% useless, but Cheese's mind most of the time is 100% useless too.

Production Row

1.Automatic Tree Harvester

2.Grass Cutting Machine

3.Mushroom Farm

4.Cobblestone Generator

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