Chivers's Castle

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Building Chiver's Castle

The castle in its current iteration

Owner chivers88
Category Castles
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Size north to south 100m
Size west to east 80m
Height 40m
Coordinates X=-302
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Sauna
Map link

The castle originally boasted a cobble generator of innovative design with a rail track system to an underground storeroom. Construction of the generator was assisted by Krenath. The build also has a large glass, lava and water structure floating above it. While this took many hours to complete and looks impressive in its own right chivers88 has since questioned his logic in putting it directly above the castle as stylistically it makes no sense. It took so long to make that removal is not an option.

Work has recently been done on the village surrounding the castle. The village will expand to surrounding areas. The hovels in the village need furnishing and other players are welcome to claim one and decorate it. Permission must be given by chivers88 for this. Much of the land the village lies on is hand placed and there remains a nooby cobble structure in the village disguised by trees. If the owner of said cobble noob-hut would like to remove it chivers88 will recompense them most generously.

Image:Chivers88 - Early castle view.png

View of the castle shortly after spawn wall was constructed. Glass structure was not completed and terraforming had not begun for the village. Note nooby choice of location for entire build. Ugly cobble road in evidence, now removed.


Generator of innovative design, has since been reproduced elsewhere. Note entrance to castle at sea level.

Image:2013-04-10 03.42.02.png

Night view showing an early version of the iron statue right above the castle. Removed by the builder and relocated at a later date. Glass structure still unfinished at this point because, in the words of chivers88, it was a 'right ballache to do'.

Image:2013-04-11 23.15.22.png

Rear view of the castle. View of the underwater glass wall of the underground boxing arena. Experimental wool design on the tower now removed. Cobble platform in front of the glass structure deemed a bad decision by chivers88 and also removed.

Image:2013-06-05 02.14.03.png

Fun with signs.

Image:2013-06-05 22.48.16.png

chivers88 cannot find a large amount of mushrooms in a cave and not take a screenshot of them.

Image:2013-06-06 01.29.15.png

"It's artistic" - chivers88

Image:2013-10-27 18.41.45.png

Cave porn.

Image:2013-10-31 18.38.26.png

View across the bay of PirateShip and Riot's Castle. chivers88 did not know who SlowRiot was or that it was his castle when he began his build.

Image:2013-11-01 21.47.51.png

The entrance gatehouse raised off of sea level. Note two zombies seeking refuge from the rain in the castle. chivers88 told them to fuck off.

Image:2013-11-01 22.58.22.png

View of the castle grounds before construction of the village. Ugly cobble noobhouse in the centre has now been removed. The enderman tending to his sugarcane on the left has been allowed to stay and has become a firm friend of chivers88. They enjoy playing backgammon together.


A gold armoured zombie, so far the only person to actually use the chess board. He lost to a cave spider who used the Blackburne Shilling Mate.

Image:2013-11-03 18.41.15.png

chivers88's and Riot's Castle at sunrise. Glass structure undergoing finishing work. Cobble platform still present.

Image:2013-11-10 23.18.59.png

"Again, it's artistic" - chivers88

Image:2013-11-11 01.27.55.png

A good few hour's caving. chivers88 specialises in gathering resources from caves and does so exclusively wearing only iron armour. Like a boss.

Image:2013-11-13 21.30.06.png

A creeper leaving the public library. Creepers must present a valid explosion insurance card before entering the library.

Image:2013-11-16 17.16.50.png

Evidence of severe chest-room griefing. chivers88 has been a victim to several grief attacks due, he believes, to his close proximity to spawn.

Image:2013-12-08 20.55.07.png

chivers88 once found Rufas in a cave fapping into lava. chivers88 backed away slowly and fled.

Image:2013-12-08 22.13.04.png

Another bountiful cave.

Image:2013-12-09 01.24.57.png

Cobble road cleared and terraforming begun for the village.

Image:2013-12-09 23.21.36.png


Image:2013-12-11 19.42.46.png

First building and fountain completed. Glass structure STILL not finished and cobble platform still present.

Image:2013-12-13 23.58.58.png

The great chicken invasion of 2013. Some chickens were harmed in the making of this screenshot.

Image:2013-12-14 00.42.56.png

A zombie taking a selfie in front of the castle.

Image:2013-12-15 21.32.47.png

A slight disaster with spilled lava during finishing of the glass structure.

Image:2013-12-15 22.53.17.png

More village buildings going up and the glass structure nearly complete.

Image:2014-02-01 18.09.48.png

Cobble platform removed and glass structure finally complete. "Bloody thing" - chivers88.

Image:2014-03-09 12.25.05.png

Large iron statue and gatehouse statues added. chivers88 is still not sure about the large iron statue.

Image:2014-03-09 01.59.57.png

Day time view of the castle as it it so far.

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