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green_towns.png Dandelion Town

View of the town from a nearby hill

Founder getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 120m
Size west to east 100m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? Upcoming, as a boatlink to NHCity too
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-3215
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Dandelion Town is a small and remote mesa settlement in the southern expansion area. Located on the eastern mesa coast, it is the closest harbour to NHCity. At the time of writing it is still being expanded along the shore more, with only getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick working on it. Dandelion Town is part of the Dandelion Network, along with Isfiskholt, Tussenstad and Port Lochrainn. The town of Isfiskholt falls under BenjaminStad authority though.


Dandelion Town was founded on february 10th, one day after founder getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick joined the server. This took an immensely long journey by foot all the way from Gardopolis by foot, because getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick, still being a newbie on the server, didn't know how to use the nexus yet. At the start the progress was slow, but the resources from the Diplomat Farms have helped the development of this town a lot.


The town is situated on Tophoyt Halvoya, a red sand peninsula surrounded by a bay. Tophoyt Halvoya is connected to the mainland by only the mesa plateau and a dried up bay (crossed over by one of NHCity's bridges) The town is situated near a big forest with birch, jungle and dark oak trees. The closest major city is NHCity, although the closeby city of Novatown is also growing into a major city. The city is fairly remote, with the closest warp being Vizima at a distance of nearly 7000 blocks. However, if NHCity gets a warp, which is quite likely, the town will be a lot more accessible. The distance to spawn is 16000 blocks and the nearest settlement is NHCity. Currently the town has a dock, 2 storage houses, a lounge, a visitor centre and 8 houses of which three are inhabited. A firetower stands on top of a nearby peak in the bay and the yellow-red-blue flag stands on a small hill. Feral horses live in the area.

Dandelion Town is the place where Mesamazon River flows into the ocean.


Every Dandelic citizen owns a Dandelion Pass, which can serve as proof of citizenship. These passports are distributed by the mayor and might be useful regarding potential grief issues.

Dandelion Town is publicly accessible, but you can't build a house there because the town has a consistent style.

At the time of writing Dandelion Town has three inhabitants:

Part of getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick's Dandelion Network

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