Doggynose Mountain

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Building Doggynose Mountain
Owner Public
Category Nature Reserves
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Height 37m
Coordinates X=-3790
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Vizima
Map link


This unique and more recently discovered natural monument was found and screen-shotted originally by LewisD95 around June 10th 2017. While this occurrence is technically natural, it is in an extremely fragile state. A single Block update could ruin a proud memorial of world generation. This beauty is under the protection of the Freedonian Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) and is considered a National Park. Currently, advances are being made to allow people to easily access and enjoy this national treasure! Stay tuned!


The question is, does this Mountain deserve to be called Doggynose, or Piggynose? Upon further inspection of this mountain, it is found, on the West side of the "Dog" facing east, the animal becomes a Pig instead! Come visit this National Park and enjoy its beauty for yourself!


Another side to the story!

Almost Cat-Like front view. Looks can be deceiving!

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