Draglide's Villa

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Building Draglide's Villa
Owner getplayerhead.sh?Draglide12&16.png Draglide12
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Draglide12&16.png Draglide12
Category Houses
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Completed 2015-07-05
Coordinates X=293
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Spawn
Map link

The Villa

Draglide was wandering around the server one day placing his (in)famous "Drag wuz here" signs when he discovered a cobblestone fortress built on a bluff overlooking one of the roads out of spawn. The view and the general feel of the location was quite stunning, and Draglide decided to renovate and modernize the location.

After obtaining permission from Slowriot to redevelop the site, Draglide began tearing down the old fortress and replaced it with a beautiful sandstone house and several yards and small courts. The old watchotwer was replaced with a similar belltower.

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