Dudeman Hotel

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Building The Dudeman Hotel

The sizeable front facade

Owner getplayerhead.sh?zmdudeman&16.png zmdudeman
Category Hospitality
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=203
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp WaterShire
Map link

The Dudeman Hotel is a complex building, located in Orville. It is a 5 floor building, that each floor is a different biome replica, Desert, Forest, Rocky, Nether, and Snowy. The Snowy floor is encased by glass walls, and a glass roof. Players can pay one of the owners, getplayerhead.sh?zmdudeman&16.png zmdudeman, getplayerhead.sh?emanuel12324&16.png emanuel12324, or getplayerhead.sh?alexander12324&16.png alexander12324, to live on one of floors, the prices are located in the lobby.

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