FG Headquarters

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Building FG Headquarters
Owner getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?TheCreatorYT&16.png TheCreatorYT
Category Castles
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 12/12/17
Coordinates X=Classified
Dimension Overworld
Map link

The watchtower Headquarters of Fuck Griefers. It consists of a main walled in area, a meeting room, a farm, a watchtower, the back hall, a meeting room, and the modern part, which is getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman's Spawn House. It has had many renovations over time, which include:

  • Added farm part
  • Added building part, meeting room
  • Added modern part, connected with some parts behind the meeting room and under the farm to create getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman's spawn home
  • Made a glass window on the back of it
  • Redid the front and side walls to make them look better, taller and add more spruce

New location is classified.

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