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Organisations Fake Staff

We Are The Mall Cops Of MCO

Leadership getplayerhead.sh?Treepuncher755&16.png Treepuncher755 getplayerhead.sh?Strikeforce360&16.png Strikeforce360 and getplayerhead.sh?Markrafter9&16.png Markrafter9
Headquarters Fakestaff HQ
Founded August 5th 2016

                                              We are not real staff members. 

"I thought it was called Freestaff?" -getplayerhead.sh?PlagueDoc1600&16.png PlagueDoc1600

Officially dead on September 25th, 2k16


Our Mission

As the Fake Staff, we are more than players; we are the mall cops, hall monitors, and nosey old ladies of MCO. We vow to be a pillar of light and hope to the people of Freedona. To help babysit the griefers, hackers, and spammers of MCO. As we help with the power of the internet. To fill the gap of player and mod. To help protect, help and serve the world of Freedona we have come to admire, enjoy and love. We are the Fake Staff!

Members and Their Titles

The OG members, that have been in Fakestaff since day one:

getplayerhead.sh?Treepuncher755&16.png Treepuncher755, Founder and President of the operation.

getplayerhead.sh?Strikeforce360&16.png Strikeforce360, The Ceo of the operation.

getplayerhead.sh?Markrafter9&16.png Markrafter9, Le Vice Pres.

getplayerhead.sh?SailBird&16.png SailBird, Official Town Bird

getplayerhead.sh?Spencerph12&16.png Spencerph12, The one that never gets on.

getplayerhead.sh?Vera_Ikarose&16.png Vera_Ikarose, Secretary

getplayerhead.sh?TheOboys2&16.png TheOboys2, Under Cover Fake Staff

getplayerhead.sh?ironman2795&16.png ironman2795, Librarian

Other members of Fake Staff:

getplayerhead.sh?Bowbyslag&16.png Bowbyslag Investigator of the Players

getplayerhead.sh?jakpak&16.png jakpak, Tree's Official Lawyer

getplayerhead.sh?Creeper1552&16.png Creeper1552, Helps with Anything ANY. THING.

getplayerhead.sh?Spacegaming7a&16.png Spacegaming7a, Redstone professional and builder

getplayerhead.sh?AJ856&16.png AJ856, Does any job

getplayerhead.sh?Skytrill&16.png Skytrill, Fox of Fakestaff

getplayerhead.sh?Jameswillj&16.png Jameswillj, Tech guy

getplayerhead.sh?theschlozmeister&16.png theschlozmeister has taken up his role as Officer Commanding of the faction, acting as staff liason and commissioner of all Fakestaff operations and endeavours. His head office can be found in the main entrance to the Fakestaff encampment.

getplayerhead.sh?monsterwasd&16.png monsterwasd, Helps when needed

getplayerhead.sh?BuddyBudderson&16.png BuddyBudderson, The Prankster Gangster

getplayerhead.sh?CatSock_&16.png CatSock_, The Bad Touch

Past Members

getplayerhead.sh?PlagueDoc1600&16.png PlagueDoc1600 just kind of left.

getplayerhead.sh?GMC_Enderman&16.png GMC_Enderman was a member until he was banned from the server.

getplayerhead.sh?Juniorgamed&16.png Juniorgamed was removed from fake staff due to Jerky Spam.


Once one night in Freedonia a group was formed. A group of dogooders gathered in the forgotten post office/ bank building.getplayerhead.sh?skybirdthing&16.png skybirdthing, the only responding mod, was in for a surprise when the group protested for the post office. He told them it wasn't his decision, so they waited for an admin to give them a answer but while they waited Sky had a another plan; he massacred the Fake Staff. Like an angel descending form the heavens after the death that took place, an admin came as a answer to their prayers. Sadly, the admin was a disappointment and said to get the true answer you needed to lure out the mystical getplayerhead.sh?SlowRiot&16.png SlowRiot with fine wines and after trial and error they still couldn't find the mystical getplayerhead.sh?SlowRiot&16.png SlowRiot, so sadly they left the post office and decided to make their own HQ. One of our fearless leaders getplayerhead.sh?strikeforce360&16.png strikeforce360 remembered that he had a spot they could call their own. Where this story ends, they are only beginning... --Vera Ikarose 22:35, 5 August 2016 (UTC) Vera Ikarose

The "Great" Divide

On 8/11/16 Free Staff was at war with itself. Allegedly getplayerhead.sh?skybirdthing&16.png skybirdthing had been scammed by a member and made demands stating that he either be let into Fake Staff or given 64 diamonds. There was also conflict between members getplayerhead.sh?Spacegaming7a&16.png Spacegaming7a and getplayerhead.sh?TheOboys2&16.png TheOboys2. The two fights raging at the same time had split most of Fake Staff, and had caused some members to even leave. This fight was almost also between members of Spectre and FakeStaff, but luckily the swords and bows were put down before any major conflict occurred. Many people like getplayerhead.sh?Willaroob_CC&16.png Willaroob_CC and getplayerhead.sh?SailBird&16.png SailBird were caught in the middle with friends against friends! Through some magic, people managed to get everyone to calm down and peace returned to the server. To this day it is still unsure which of the two sides truly won, or if the fight was completely pointless. (Probably the latter!)


After a while of unofficial death with getplayerhead.sh?Markrafter9&16.png Markrafter9 and getplayerhead.sh?Treepuncher755&16.png Treepuncher755 fighting over if it was, it was officially declared dead on September 25th, 2016.

Carrying the Legacy

On July 10th, 2017, getplayerhead.sh?ScarClaw72&16.png ScarClaw72 wanted to carry the torch that had been dimmed after the internal collapse of Fakestaff. He founded TheHelpingHand, a spiritual successor to Fakestaff. getplayerhead.sh?ScarClaw72&16.png ScarClaw72 wanted it to be more loose, and just a collective of people who pledge to help others.

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