Fakestaff HQ

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Building Fakestaff HQ

View down the hall

Owner getplayerhead.sh?treepuncher755&16.png treepuncher755
Contributors Members of Fakestaff
Category Complexes
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes
Started 7-29-16
Coordinates X=-12324
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Vizima
Map link

                           FAKE STAFF FTW

Fake staff HQ is the headquarters of Fakestaff. The members of Fakestaff use it as a base of operations. It has many dorms and offices, as well as a courtroom and a meeting room. Fakestaff HQ also houses the Rm 101 of moderator getplayerhead.sh?Bowbyslag&16.png Bowbyslag. More is still under construction.

The original hole was dug by getplayerhead.sh?strikeforce360&16.png strikeforce360 with help from getplayerhead.sh?Markrafter9&16.png Markrafter9. It was decided when Fakestaff was first starting that the abandoned hole was to be used as Fakestaff's base. getplayerhead.sh?Treepuncher755&16.png Treepuncher755 made a dorm and office in the building, and many other members did soon after. As Fakestaff expands, so shall Fakestaff HQ.


To get to Fakestaff it's recommended to take the (blue) Nexus until Kyrza and then take the road leaving the city until you see Fakestaff, just in front of you.

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