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A player using the /sethome command.

Fast travel implies a way of getting around quicker than walking; There are numerous methods of fast travel in MinecraftOnline, many of which involve commands, and some which involve world features or game dynamics.



  • /spawn command is used to instantly return to the primordial seat of Freedonia.
  • /home command is used to return to your /sethome location.
  • /warp destination command is used to visit predefined locations.
  • /tp player command is used by moderators and admins to check up on players.
  • /tpbehind player command is used by moderators and admins to check up on players more discreetly.
  • /tphere player command is used by moderators and admins to bring players to them.
  • /gcheck griefalertnumber command is used by moderators and admins to visit logged grief alert events.
  • /tpto x [y] z [dimension] - Teleport to any specific x, y and z coordinates in dimension.
  • /tpto alias - Teleport to a saved alias.
  • /listalias - Shows a list of your currently saved aliases.
  • /savealias alias - Saves your current location as a new alias for future return.
  • /copyalias playername alias - Saves player's public alias to your aliases.
  • /delalias alias - Deletes a previously stored alias.
  • /ascend is used to get to a higher ledge.
  • /descend is used to go below ground.
  • /thru is used to walk through walls.
  • /jumpto is used to teleport to a visible spot.
  • /teleport player - Send a request to be transported to a player. If they accept, you will immediately appear next to them.
  • /summon player' - Send a request to summon a player to you. If they accept, they will immediately appear next to you.
  • /unstuck - Save yourself from suffocation when you're buried under sand or gravel, or you've teleported inside a wall.
  • /up height - Takes you up a specified height and places a glass block under your feet for support. Careful not to leave glass blocks floating about!
  • /ceil clearance - Takes you up to the ceiling, either two blocks below or with clearance distance between you and the ceiling.

Nexus Portal Network

Project Anubis is a network of teleportation branches and hubs that is known as the Nexus. The branch points of the network are located on a geometrical basis but the hubs are located close to existing features that are available by using the local rial and train networks. If you are interested in having your town added to the Nexus, contact an admin to have the location evaluated. For more information, see Nexus. This project is currently under construction under the supervision of Zymes, Kiatarie, chivalrousWeasel, Krenath and SlowRiot.


A network of organised railways is currently in construction around Freedonia, using Craftbook's advanced minecart features. For further details, see Freedonia Railway System.


Faster travel via the nether is possible on foot, although accurate navigation can prove difficult, as can exiting at a predictable spot.

Nether donors can also use fast travel commands within the nether, making it possible to get around quickly and safely.


Several players, most notably nosefish, have developed a series of Boat Routes throughout Freedonia. See also Freedonia by Boat.

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