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Organisations Fellowship of the Banhammer

Helping you help us help you all

Leadership getplayerhead.sh?Rayzion&16.png Rayzion, getplayerhead.sh?Causeless&16.png Causeless / getplayerhead.sh?Tommyx50&16.png Tommyx50
Headquarters Gardopolis
Founded 06 December 2011
Public? Semi-Public


Who we are

We are the most epic men, women and children of Freedonia. We protect the lands from grief, and repair any damage that may have been done. Where you can't fix it - the mods and admins can. And we are here so you can inform them, quickly, and efficiently, so that the lands of Freedonia may be safe again.

What we are

Us at the Fellowship are here to help you. When you tell as of a reported grief, the mods and admins will be told of this in the quickest time possible, and we will give diamonds as a gift. Never be afraid and never be shy. Nobody will laugh at you; no, we shall laugh at the griefers who thought they could escape the wrath of the Banhammer. The staff team at MCO will check who griefed it, when, and they will make sure he or she that does, shall never do again.

General Information

You can contact getplayerhead.sh?Rayzion&16.png Rayzion or getplayerhead.sh?Causeless&16.png Causeless either in-game or on irc, and tell us of the latest grief reports you have found. We will give you diamonds for your help, and the mods and admins will investigate the grief, whether it was to you, or someone else. The Fellowship HQ is to the east of the Gardopolis warp.

Please note, you will not be given diamonds if either:

  1. You destroy parts or all of your own buildings.
  2. You destroy someone else's buildings for them.

In order to stop abuse, you must give evidence of the griefed place, and the admins shall investigate who did it via the logs (we don't want anyone griefing someone elses house, and getting diamonds for it!).


Leaders are the top of the Fellowship, and manage it overall. You may only become a Leader if specially chosen, and must already have Chief position.

Followers are players who have opted to join the guide, and have given at least 5 grief reports. All members get 3 diamonds per grief report, and the higher tiers get added bonuses. An Officer gets a room in the HQ when it is built, and a Chief gets an upgrade to a large office in the HQ.

Trainees are players that want to join the guide, but have given less than 5 grief reports. Trainees get 2 diamonds, but have a spot reserved for getting into the Recruits section once they give 5 grief reports.

Any other normal player will get 2 diamonds.

You can see the amount of reports any member or Trainee has made in the brackets next to there name. The names are ordered by the amount of reports given, or if there is a tie, by who got into the group earliest.


  • getplayerhead.sh?Rayzion&16.png Rayzion - Founder, Supplier of diamonds
  • getplayerhead.sh?Causeless&16.png Causeless - Manager, Moderator of the Guild


Chiefs (70 Reports or more):
None (yet)

Officers (25 Reports or more):
None (yet)

Recruits (5 Reports or more):


  • getplayerhead.sh?AlexFD&16.png AlexFD (1) - The Banhammer got him.


  1. No killing other members.
  2. No killing new players that have been on the server for under 6 hours (except griefers).
  3. No griefing.


This page was mainly written by getplayerhead.sh?Causeless&16.png Causeless (some of it may have been edited by others). If you feel any additions need to be made, please contact me via irc or in-game, or tell getplayerhead.sh?Rayzion&16.png Rayzion to pass on a message.

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