Festung Hohenfischberg

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Building Festung Hohenfischberg

Render of the mountaintop

Owner getplayerhead.sh?nosefish&16.png nosefish
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?MattyQ&16.png MattyQ (Nether Bricks)
Category Castles
Started 03 October 2012
Coordinates X=-10810
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Quarryton
Map link

A spectacular mountaintop sandstone castle.

The keep from the north



On 2 October 2012, Freedonia was expanded in the north-west in order to get an area with features of Minecraft 1.3. The first land discovered by getplayerhead.sh?SlowRiot&16.png SlowRiot included a stunning mountainous landscape. On the highest peak, he placed a signpost with the text "Riot's Hill. Only a very awesome castle can go here". getplayerhead.sh?nosefish&16.png nosefish saw this text in his chat window (moderators can see the text of signs placed by others) and teleported to the coordinates. As getplayerhead.sh?nosefish&16.png nosefish voiced his approval of the site, getplayerhead.sh?SlowRiot&16.png SlowRiot challenged him to be the builder of this castle.

Phase One

October 3 - October 16
The first designs are made in singleplayer in creative mode. The layout is marked on the hill with sandstone. The walls of the keep are built to test the design on site, followed by the north-western corner tower, the armoury tower, and the gate. Finally, the residential building and the servants' house are erected, completing the keep.

Phase Two

October 17 - October 23
Completion of defensive structures. getplayerhead.sh?bubba_basti&16.png bubba_basti starts construction of a village at the foot of the hill, which is later named Bastiansdorf. Path through the jungle to getplayerhead.sh?Saedorn&16.png Saedorn's house finished.

Phase Three

October 23 -

  • Dungeon (needs more decoration)
  • Garrison (done except kitchen and storage room decorations)
  • Weaponsmith (done)
  • Market (done)
  • Interiors (about half finished)
  • Roads:
    • South-western road. (done) It will eventually pass farmland to a scenic bay with a planned fishing village (Klein Fischingen)
    • Southern road to the desert temple (done)
    • West to the sea (done),


In no particular order

Ideas for future development of the area

The Name

Coincidentally, the hill in Germany where a castle named "Fischberg" was located looks strikingly similar to the minecraft hill on which Festung Hohenfischberg is situated. The real castle Fischberg was a rather small one, built around 1100, conquered and partly destroyed in 1512. Today, only the foundations remain.

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