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Organisations Fuck Griefers
Leadership getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman
Headquarters FG Headquarters
Founded December 12th 2017

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Kill griefers.

We are ordinary players who come together to patrol Spawn when there are no moderators on. We just basically kill anyone who is caught griefing, and report it to moderators when they come online.


Ask getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman if you want to join.


getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman
getplayerhead.sh?TheCreatorYT&16.png TheCreatorYT
getplayerhead.sh?6stooges&16.png 6stooges
getplayerhead.sh?ADHD_Autism&16.png ADHD_Autism
getplayerhead.sh?Balianto&16.png Balianto

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