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Settlement Gayetria
Founder GAY_WEED_DAD_69_
Contributors snakyman
Category Towns
Underground? No, quite the opposite
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? no
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=4122
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Was suggested to GAY_WEED_DAD_69_ as a joke to mimic Gayton and Aquaton, but became real. Gay used snak's account to construct it when at his house, because his account only had 50 hours. This sparked a controversy that snakyman is doing that to spite Townetria, similar to what happened to him with Lemonaid Town. Gayetria is not an insult to homosexuals or to Townetria, it is merely a joke.

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