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Building Hedge Maze

Entrance to the Maze

Owner getplayerhead.sh?SnappyMuppetman&16.png SnappyMuppetman
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?jonathanpanda&16.png jonathanpanda, getplayerhead.sh?Rufas&16.png Rufas, getplayerhead.sh?14mRh4X0r&16.png 14mRh4X0r, getplayerhead.sh?techkid6&16.png techkid6, General public
Category Attractions
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 22 February 2014
Completed 30 June 2014
Coordinates X=-8107
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp EastAustania
Map link

The Hedge Maze is for those that enjoy a challenge. The maze is no easy task and, in comparison to the current maze, the Hedge Maze is over 4 times the size!. Head to the NorthWest nexus hub 3 for the teleport pad to the maze!



This maze was created by getplayerhead.sh?SnappyMuppetman&16.png SnappyMuppetman to challenge and test the communities problem solving and survival skills. In getplayerhead.sh?SnappyMuppetman&16.png SnappyMuppetman's opinion, the current maze is out dated and lacks difficulty, especially to those that have learnt the route(s) of solution. The Hedge Maze is there to challenge a user through ever changing solutions to mix things up and to ensure everyone has a fair chance at the goods that lay inside.


The Hedge Maze was pre-build freehand in single player by getplayerhead.sh?SnappyMuppetman&16.png SnappyMuppetman as to ensure that everything is up to standards before the real thing is built in the server. Construction started around the 22nd of February 2014. Whilst Snappy was building the maze, he employed anyone and everyone in the server to gather the 14 double chests of leaves required for the build and payments made to those that did. This was to speed up the process of the build. During the build, different material was also required and friendly God donors contributed in the build (getplayerhead.sh?jonathanpanda&16.png jonathanpanda and getplayerhead.sh?Rufas&16.png Rufas). This was not needed but they both showed an interest in the build so they willingly donated their time and resources.

It's not all doom and gloom

If you choose to take on the maze and succeed, you will be rewarded with varying loot from dirt to diamond. If you are lucky enough to make it to the middle, I would advise you to use "/mail send SnappyMuppetman [Message to say you beat the maze]"...this is to ensure that it gets restocked.

Getting to the middle doesn't mean you win...as you still have to get back out. If SnappyMuppetman is online, he will help you to escape BUT at a price. If you have made it to the middle but can't get back out, you will be required to hand over ALL loot AND all your current inventory (So be warned) and it will all be added back into the middle for the next player to beat the maze. If you beat the Maze AND get out alive, you can choose to have your head placed on the Pedestal in the middle, for those to gaze upon and admire, and your name on a sign at the teleport pad wall "Wall of Victors".

If you enter the maze but cannot get to the middle nor exit again, you may ask for staff to to release you but that will involve killing you and all your inventory + your head will be added to the loot in the middle. DO NOTE!!! Do NOT pester players or staff to get you out...they have the right to decline assistance. if they decline, then you will have to continue hunting for the exit and/or wait for me personally (SnappyMuppetman) or for someone to accept helping you out.

Pedestal in the prize room awaiting its rightful owner

Wall of Shame!

  • The first player to give up in the maze goes to...getplayerhead.sh?44trent4&16.png 44trent4!!



It has come to light that there are some missing blocks dotted around the maze due to the nature of leaves. This was caused during building and should not see more decaying blocks. That being said, if you find a hole, or think you have, please follow the steps below;

  • /getpos
  • /mail send SnappyMuppetman Missing block @ [x] [y] [z]
    • For the step above, use the co-ords displayed in chat from the /getpos for [x] [y] [z] respectively

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