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Settlement Hobbiton
Founder getplayerhead.sh?VoidLight24&16.png VoidLight24
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Piglets21&16.png Piglets21, getplayerhead.sh?Uncausedprism34&16.png Uncausedprism34, getplayerhead.sh?Gigic16&16.png Gigic16, getplayerhead.sh?thesprazzler&16.png thesprazzler
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Coordinates X=-95
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Hobbiton is a Lord of the Rings styled town with two sections: Hobbiton, and Bree.


Early Days

Hobbiton was founded by getplayerhead.sh?VoidLight24&16.png VoidLight24 and originally contained 9 Hobbit holes. The exterior of each Hobbit hole was built by getplayerhead.sh?VoidLight24&16.png VoidLight24 and the interiors dug out and decorated by the town residents. After the exterior of each house was completed getplayerhead.sh?VoidLight24&16.png VoidLight24 invited getplayerhead.sh?Uncausedprism36&16.png Uncausedprism36, getplayerhead.sh?Piglets21&16.png Piglets21, and getplayerhead.sh?Gigic16&16.png Gigic16 to join the town as its original residents.

Association with Nazi Germany

To the south of the town is the concentration camp. It was made to prevent villagers from associating with the town's citizens and, as getplayerhead.sh?VoidLight24&16.png VoidLight24 puts it, "To Fix God's Mistakes". It is currently empty.


After the building of Auschwitz the town's population steadily grew and a town expansion was needed. This caused getplayerhead.sh?VoidLight24&16.png VoidLight24 to lay out the plots for Bree. More of a district than its own town it is located on the west side of Hobbiton. For five diamonds players can build their own house in Bree, but a rustic style is enforced.



getplayerhead.sh?VoidLight24&16.png VoidLight24

getplayerhead.sh?Uncausedprism36&16.png Uncausedprism36

getplayerhead.sh?Piglets21&16.png Piglets21

getplayerhead.sh?Gigic16&16.png Gigic16

getplayerhead.sh?thesprazzler&16.png thesprazzler

getplayerhead.sh?WaffleNomster&16.png WaffleNomster

getplayerhead.sh?DemetriCZ&16.png DemetriCZ

getplayerhead.sh?agracefulhobbit&16.png agracefulhobbit

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