Industry Island

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green_industrial.png Industry Island
Owner snakyman
Contributors TECHNOFIZZ1406, NHC_THK, Boxzy, DorpEngineer
Category Industrial
Underground? No
Public? Mostly
Size north to south 127m
Size west to east 133m
Height 43m
Coordinates X=-9275
Dimension Overworld
Map link
Industry Island, also known as Snaketown Industrial Zone, is a natural island west of Forrrest that has been made into an auto-farming complex. It was founded in November 2017 by snakyman and TECHNOFIZZ1406. The island can be confusing to navigate due to its bad planning from when snakyman was a noob. Connected to it is the Snaketown Pier, a part of Snaketown with waterways and big buildings.

The products we currently have (or are working on):

  • Automatic Birch Farm
  • Hostile Mob Drops (no spawner)
  • XP grinder (lag proof)
  • Iron (private)
  • Snow (may be defunct if snow golem is dead)
  • Steak/leather
  • Cactus
  • Small automatic sugarcane farm
  • Semi-Auto Wheat/potato
  • Semi-Auto Nether wart
  • Automatic Melon Farm
  • Brewery (not really a farm but it is still there)

Design & History

Industry Island was the closest island to Snaketown, so in late 2017, snakyman decided to build a bridge to it. When it was complete, he decided to make a mob grinder in the center. With help from TECHNOFIZZ1406 and NHC_THK (and maybe some others), the uninhabited part of the island was flattened and a birch platform was put to cover the lagoon area. It was then landfilled to be more square. The island was never really planned, it sort of just gradually happened and was redone.

  • Snakyman makes the first farms: Mob grinder, cactus farm, and the first cow farm
  • NHC_THK makes the melon farm
  • A new, 3 level cow farm is made.
  • sugarcane farm, nether wart farm, brewery, and wheat farm are made by TECHNOFIZZ1406
  • Offshore XP farm is made
  • Iron farm is made
  • Snaketown Pier construction starts
  • Construction on the Falcon Heavy starts, but has yet to be completed.
  • 2nd Iron farm is made
  • Roads are made
  • DesiredFish's dome is built near the island
  • More canals and more landfill is made, cow farms are renovated into offices, and one large cow farm is made, the Administration building is made.
  • Great Northwestern Highway now runs through the island
  • Boxzy makes the 2nd lag proof grinder here
  • Birch farm made by DorpEngineer

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