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green_cities.png Intertakadokian Confederation

Yegetys: HY_Turkic

Capital: Takadokia

Largest Town (by land area): Edanedaig Smallest Town (by land area): Selwara

Founder HY_Turkic, LolePlay_PL (originally)
Contributors Many people
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? Partially
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Road link? Yes (Goulsher, Takadokia)
Nexus link? Yes (Takadokia)
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes (Goulsher, Takadokia, Edanedaig)
Coordinates X=-4494
Dimension Overworld
Map link

The Intertakadokian Confederation (Takadokian: Uluslyrtakadokya Konfederyasyonu) is a loosely-united confederation consisting of 4 cities and villages (all founded or founded partly by HY_Turkic); Takadokia (Takadokian: Takadokya), Goulsher (Takadokian: Golshehyr), the village of Selwara (Takadokian: Zelvyr) and Edanedaig (Takadokian: Edyndag).

As of 28th of November, 2020, only cities owned partly or fully by HY_Turkic are allowed to join the Intertakadokian Confederation, as its main purpose is to have a collective entity for all of HY's cities.



  • "Intertakadokia" roughly means "all over Takadokia", but is a name used to refer to all the cities HY owns and has founded.
  • "Takadokia" comes from the Arabic word for "progress" (taqadum) and the name of the ancient city of Cappadocia.
  • "Goulsher" is an anglicized version of the Takadokian "Golshehyr" (lake city), and its older name, Outherland, comes from the combination of "out there" and "land", referring to the geographic location of the city.
  • "Selwara" is an anglicized version of the Takadokian "Zelvyr", which is the corrupted version of "Selver" (also found in Selverland, the old name of the village), which itself is a modified version of YourSelft487's name.
  • "Edanedaig" is an anglicized version of the Takadokian "Edyndag" (Eden mountain), and it refers to its very close neighbor New Eden and the fact that it is a mountain. Its old name, "Summittown", is a combination of "summit" and "town", referring to the fact that the city is located on a mountain.

In November 28th, 2020, the names of all cities part of Intertakadokia except Takadokia had their name changed. HY did this to make the names sound more Takadokian or Turkic. He did this by either corrupting the old name or coming up with a completely new name. Then, Their Takadokian name was anglicized to be used as their English name. So now two versions of each name exists; a Takadokian name, and an English name. HY calls this "takadokizing", where names are turned into Takadokian for their Takadokian names and then their Takadokian names are anglicised for the English name.

The Yegetys (Leader)

The Yegetys (Takadokized version of the Greek "igetis", meaning leader) is the ceremonial leader of all cities in Intertakadokia and only applies to HY_Turkic. It is a position he made for himself so Intertakadokia could have one position representing them. It is not a powerful position, and virtually holds no power over the cities of Intertakadokia. but since HY is the Yegetys of Intertakadokia and the owner of every city in Intertakadokia, basically the person who is Yegetys owns every city in Intertakadokia anyways.

The Cities


Takadokia is the oldest of the four cities, being founded in September 9th, 2019. It was called Midlake Island back in those days and was in the joint ownership of LolePlay_PL and HY. After LolePlay_PL left the server never to be seen again one day, however, HY took it upon himself to expand this city. Midlake Island became East Midlake Island as West Midlake Island was found and settled.

The New Sardinian Federation (now known as the First Republic of New Sardinia) was soon declared, the precursor to modern Takadokia. Around this time, HY met and befriended pretzel33 and he gave Pretz a tour of his city. There, Pretz said he would want his settlement, Sand Island to become part of the federation. And so, the Autonomous Exclave of Sand Island was born, and it would create a long friendship between New Sardinia and it, along with HY and Pretz.

It stayed like this for a while, until Beeraeka offered to buy it. HY named his prices, and New Sardinia was bought for 15 iron blocks. It became a part of Verico, Beer's city. It was rechristened New South Verico, and was later named New Northwest Verico to correct a cardinal direction mistake in the name since New South Verico was in the northwest of Verico. It was also around this time that Sand Island gained independence from New Northwest Verico, but remained part of Bedrocco.

From February 20th to April 20th, New Sardinia was under Verican rule. But, after debate, New Sardinia became independent of Verican rule, gaining independence as the Second Republic of New Sardinia (later rename the Commonwealth of New Sardinia), but with it remaining under Bedrocco rule.

Soon after, New Sardinia went through a name transition; combining the Arabic word for "progress" (taqadum) and the name of the ancient city of Cappadocia, the name of Takadokia was born. This name change was in order to mark the transition of New Sardinia to a primary Islamic state, with the "progress" part of the new name indicating it was the very first Islamic country in Freedonia to have Islam as its official religion. After many months (and to Anna_28's glee), Takadokia was renamed for the last time to the Sultanate of Takadokia and HY promised it would be the last name the city would receive.

Around this time, Sand Island and Takadokia were rivals in getting new citizens to join their cities, both of them leaping at newcomers and begging them to join their cities. Fearing this rivalry would lead to Takadokia and Sand Island to cut off ties, HY asked Pretz if they could combine their cities, so they wouldn't have to argue about citizens anymore, and for Pretz, it was a matter of having more people than New Eden. Takadokia would soon rejoin forces with Sand Island, creating the United Bedrocco States, whom Cascadia Wood would soon join. This union would last a little over a month.

HY grew to heavily resent Beer in his time still being part of Bedrocco, but he had escaped the cage (Verico) but was yet to escape the house (Bedrocco). All this time, Takadokia remained part of Bedrocco, but HY decided he wanted to part ways with Bedrocco. So, on 23rd of July, Takadokia officially gained independence from both the United Bedrocco States and Bedrocco, being fully independent of a higher power. 155 days under the official control of Beeraeka, Takadokia was now free to forge its own path. It later joined the Intertakadokian Confederation in 9th November, 2020.

And for now, this is where its left. The geopolitics of Takadokia has remained almost the same since it left the United Bedrocco States.

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