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Settlement Kangaroo Islands

As of 3rd of March 2012

Founder getplayerhead.sh?sheep1997&16.png sheep1997
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?stromhurst&16.png stromhurst, getplayerhead.sh?Aussie_sheep&16.png Aussie_sheep
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No, needs permission.
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? Yes (FlyingJellyfish Route)
Portal? No
Coordinates X=9820
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Mycelia
Map link

The Kangaroo Islands are a small island settlement located in the phase 2 border expansion ocean territory, founded in March 2012.



getplayerhead.sh?sheep1997&16.png sheep1997 and getplayerhead.sh?mrmad888&16.png mrmad888 were avid users of minecraft. They joined the MCO community around May of 2011. Together they created a fortified house close to GreatArch. They were quite proud of there work and only really kept to themselves and there building site. In September of that year both players went under the radar, and left the server for a few months. Though at the the start of 2012, Sheep returned. He had a feeling which was ready to burst. A feeling for adventure. He wanted more than his little fortress and small friendship group, so he decided to move on. He packed his most valuable items and set off for adventure. He used the /wilderness (very useful) command, and landed in an ocean biome kilometres from land. After a half hour swim or so, he landed on the future site of Kangaroo Islands.


Sheep felt that he needed change. He felt that he wanted to build something bigger and more significant than what he had ever done. But at the same time he wanted his little town to be secluded from other towns and people. He wanted a quiet little village that he could make at his own pace. He wants his buildings to be well designed and made, no fully cobblestone houses. His decision to make it on an island was meant to make it difficult to get to, though he found it hard to keep to the space restrictions.

The Islands

The islands themselves are quite small, so they have had to be expanded by hand. The smaller of the two main islands which holds the residents, has also been expanded. Two smaller islands about 10 blocks in area, will be used for the mine shaft, and if it ever gets to this point, a nexus pad.

What has been built

  • A general store, that sells cooked pork, beef and chicken.
  • A blacksmith, that sells iron leggings and chestplates.
  • A hotel that houses up to 9 players.
  • A pub.
  • A potions store.


  • A dock
  • A multi purpose farm
  • A town centre
  • A court (Though due to space constraints, this probably won't occur)
  • Houses
  • Market, where players can set up there own shops
  • A church dedicated to the gods, mainly getplayerhead.sh?Thonykidd&16.png Thonykidd

Stage Two

getplayerhead.sh?sheep1997&16.png sheep1997 looked at his town, and he was not amused. He stated that, it didn't have the 'feeling'. He couldn't tell what it was until he made a quick trip to Port Dhal to gather some inspiration. He looked at the town, and though to himself that this is what he wanted. This feeling of a town on the seaside. He brought getplayerhead.sh?Lothendal&16.png Lothendal to his town to see what improvements could be made. It was suggested that making it feel more homelike was the key. Adding some hedges and some plants, gardens would start to bring that 'feeling' into the town. So that's what getplayerhead.sh?sheep1997&16.png sheep1997 did. He started to add human features to the place and made it more homely and cosy. More user friendly. Then, he had a revelation. With all the water around him, why not optimise that. Why not make half the town over water. So this in turn, started stage two. Making the town on the water.

The buildings

Thanks to...

Side note: Sheep now thinks this place as a bit of a shit-hole, to put it lightly. So the town is now abandoned.

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