Kazaykata Turris

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Building Kazaykata Turris

Under Construction

Owner getplayerhead.sh?kazaykata&16.png kazaykata
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?kazaykata&16.png kazaykata
Category Buildings
Underground? No
Coordinates X=-2832
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp AmpCity
Map link




Due to the enormous proportions of this building, getplayerhead.sh?kazaykata&16.png kazaykata had to build some farms to gather enough materials to finish the constructions.

The entrance of Kazaykata Turris
Kazaykata Turris seen through a window

Spruce tree farm

This building has an automated spruce tree farm provided with dispensers and redstone.

Cobblestone/Obsidian generator

An useful generator that can produce either cobblestone or obsidian. It depends on the amount of redstone you use.รง

Industrial smelter

It uses charcoal as fuel, the charcoal is extracted from the wood obtained with the spruce tree farm and the material that is smelted the most is cobblestone. Because this building needs a lot of stone bricks to be completed.

Further information about this build is currently unknown

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