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Organisations Kyrzastan

Kyrzastan flag, the "Cyan Moonscape"

Leadership Reseres
Headquarters Kyrza
Founded 11/05/2015
Public? Yes

Kyrzastan BC (Before Cleansing)

According to our God-Capitalist Reseres, Kyrzastan was a literal hellhole before he arrived. Untouched mountains, simple cyan roofed huts, strong community spirit...

He is a saint, saving us from the forces of happiness.

Those who came before now live in Zalnosk, on the other side of the Uzids. Reseres is kind enough to leave them be.

What a generous man he is.

The Provydz (Districts)

NEW All of these locations can now be reached via the TKR! Here's a map for your Kyrzastan adventure!

Map of the TKR

TKR line map


The gleaming capital city of Kyrzastan. Famous for its fine wines and cyan roofs.

Uzid Range Reseres first saw the Uzids when he entered the city. He could spy the unsullied gemstones from a mile away, so after he paid the old mayor forty beads for his town (at knifepoint) he sent miners up into the untamed hills. Due to the quality of the mining equipment and the lack of fire resistance potions, of the two hundred originals that left only fifty returned (albeit a lot richer). Various expeditions have resulted in grisly ends, so now only the foolhardy dare venture into the hills. The original Kyrzastanis had to trek across those hills to reach Zalnosk, ill-equipped for such a trek. Very few made it.

Zalnosk The southern provydz of Zalnosk was previously ignored due to the difficulties associated with reaching it. However, the Kyrzastanis had no choice. They have settled alongside the Kizil River. Famous for its flowers and rolling wooded hills.

Spiritfens This Anglic translation is as close as we can get to the original Kyrzastani name. The area is completely inhospitable, with noxious damps, choking vines and even a hint of the supernatural. Before the arrival of God-Capitalist, it was a natural hub for the district, very popular as a tourist destination. Some say that the dead Kyrzans of the Uzid Trek have cursed it with a similar fate. Reseres declines to comment.

Western Lushlands The name says it all, really. An area blessed with fertile soils and frequent rain. Its proximity to the coast makes it the best location for new contractors to arrive from the mainland.

Zalo The ancient forest of Zalo was once home to a tribe of hominids, who have since disappeared. Many relics have been left behind in their caves, along with an indecipherable book that could be the key to their language. An archaeologist's dream.

Kyrwood A spruce forest in the south-eastern corner of Kyrzastan. Its harsh climate makes it unattractive to settlers, but its large supplies of spruce draw in loggers like moths to a lamp.

Iyrbeck Some blame glacial activity for the shape of Iyrbeck (Iyr Bay), however, some attribute it to the act of the "Generation God". Reseres declines to comment. Nevertheless, the shape is very useful for navigation, and ensures that even the stupidest sailors can find the entrance to the Yutisk River.

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