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LWC or Lightweight Chest Protection is a player command that allows players to protect their chest and furnaces from unwanted access. Containers may be set to allow only certain user(s) or require a password; this does not mean that containers protected in this way are impenetrable however, as they may still be destroyed (although this quite clearly constitutes grief.) A player may only have two containers locked by LWC at any given time.


  • /lwc - Lightweight Chest Protection control command - allows you to lock and unlock chests in different ways.
    • /lwc create public - Create a public chest anyone can access but not lock.
      • /cpublic - Alias for the "create public" subcommand of the above.
    • /lwc create password password - Create a password-protected chest, good for group projects or shared resources.
      • /cpassword - Alias for the "create password" subcommand of the above.
    • /lwc create private g:admins @Hidendra EvilGuy g:mods CoolGuy - Create a protected chest accessible by the specified users, or groups denoted with g:. @ denotes the user is to be a chest admin (can add/remove users).
    • /lwc modify -EvilGuy Hidendra -g:mods - Modify existing access. In the example, this one would remove Hidendra's chest admin access, remove EvilGuy's access to the chest fully and also remove the group mods from access (- denotes removing them).
    • /lwc free chest - Remove a chest, only the chest owner and admins can do this.
      • /cprivate - Alias for the "create private" subcommand of the above.
      • /cinfo - Alias for the "info" subcommand of the above.
  • /lwcwhere - Reports the coordinates of all your lwc chests.
    • /wherearemychests - alias for the above.
  • /lwcclear - Removes all chest protections you've created.

Admin commands

  • /lwc info - View info on a chest.
  • /lwc admin limits amount groups/users - Sets chest protection limits for users or groups (protected=public,password,private). g:group denotes groups.
  • /lwc admin clear chests - clears all chests, equivalent to deleting lwc.db (pretty extreme).
  • /lwc admin clear limits - unsets all limits.


  • Only players who have undergone Registration may lock chests.
  • Registered players may lock up to two chests.
  • Every donation level adds one an additional chest to the limits:
    • Wood donors may lock three chests.
    • Stone donors may lock four chests.
    • Iron donors may lock five chests.
    • Gold donors may lock six chests.
    • Diamond donors may lock seven chests.
    • Obsidian donors may lock eight chests.
    • Nether donors may lock nine chests.
    • Aether donors may lock ten chests.
    • God donors may lock up to thirty chests (but they don't really need chests anyway).

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