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Building Half-Life Lambda Logo

A Lambda, λ

Owner SpeedSter
Category Pixel Art
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Size north to south 128m
Size west to east 128m
Height 2m
Coordinates X=-11008
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp NewVenice
Map link

Built by SpeedSter, this is the Lambda (λ) logo from the Half-Life games. It is floating above the ocean and aligned to the map grid. Maps can be made of this area and put in item frames so it takes up one side of a block showing the Lambda logo.

This map can be obtained by using an empty map item at the location, or preferably you can copy an existing map of this area by crafting it with an empty map. You can also obtain this map by making a bookshelf with a [map] craftbook sign on the back and the map id on the third line, then right clicking the bookshelf with a map. The id or damage value for this map is 1871.

For a full list of ingame maps with their ids and location, see the Control Panel maps section

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