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Settlement Liara

Liara Park

Founder Liastrae
Contributors Rayzion, lacrosse1991, Charlesbaechler, GodlyCheeze, zfleming1, ModernMyth7, Blobehh, shypixel, Machines_Are_Us
Category Towns
Underground? Yes
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-2921
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Artville
Map link

Liara is an underground town; It was originally just named Liara Arena, because the first build to happen there was said arena. Liara had a warp, as of 24.07.2011.


The Town

The town is the main area of Liara, though the Arena acts as a 'hub'. People will settle in Liara for free, they will be given a 8x5 space in which they can build as high as the surface, but building down will need consent from Liastrae, though, if you donate or help in building and/or improving Liara, you will be granted a larger area for your home. There are currently three sections of building areas: Free, Medium and High. To build in Medium you need to have donated or paid Liastrae in blocks, and to build in High you will need to pay Liastrae a requested amount of blocks.


Liara was created by Liastrae with large help from Rayzion and lacrosse1991. The name Liara is a combination of the names Liastrae and Rayzion, as it was started by these two players.

Liara Park

Liara Park was a project that was started on the Sixteenth of July 2011, and finished on the next day, taking a total of around fourteen hours to complete. It is the center of the Liara living area as three roads lead off from it into Medium and High areas.

Liara Arena

Liara Arena was the first finished project in Liara. It has been complete since the eighteenth of June, 2011. Ever since the 29th of July, 2011, Liara Arena has been hosting fortnightly tournaments, which on the first day received a lot of publicity; at the height of the evening, over twenty people were either fighting or observing. Currently there is a tournament every other Friday at 8:00PM GMT (3:00PM Eastern Time), the reward for winning is a stack of diamonds and access into the famed Victor Lounge, runner-up will recieve 32 diamonds.

Button Mashing!

Button Mashing! is a game created over the course of a week by Liastrae, it involves two players standing in separate booths coordinating button hits with flashing redstone torches. Every time the player hits the corresponding button to a flashing redstone torch, the opponent takes a small amount of damage, the last one alive is the winner.

List of Residents


Underneath Liara Arena and a small proportion of the town, lies the residence of Liastrae. Older than the town itself, the dugout home is considered a relic and mystical. It is said that if you press your ear to the ground in Liara at night, strange sounds can be heard from the master bedroom, and supposedly a few hours later, zfleming1 is always seen leaving Liara with a limp... What could this mean?

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