May Unrest

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Invasions The May Unrest

Players gather at spawn to defend the server

Epicenter Spawn
Event Date 15&16 May 2011
Grief request to 7chan by a banned player

On May 15th and again on May 16th 2011, the server was subject to a minor invasion of griefers as a result of postings pointing people to grief the server on a certain well known website.

The postings were placed by a banned player who had had a second account banned after coming back onto the server as Fagginwagon.


May 15th Krenath makes the regular players invulnerable while fighting the invaders.

All regular, well-known players present at spawn were given invulnerability and diamond swords and asked to stalk newly-connecting players, to which the regulars avidly agreed.

As PvP is permitted on our server, if a new player attempted to grief, hordes of regulars would descend, hack the newbie to pieces, then notify the staff of the grief attempt. The staff would confirm the grief, ban as appropriate, and replace any missing blocks. This very effectively limited the amount of grief one griefer could get away with, and minimized the time it took for staff to effect repairs, allowing the spawn area to appear untouched for the duration of the raid.

The regulars enjoyed this so much that we soon ran out of attacking griefers and the raid dwindled to nothingness.

Signs were posted near the Spawn Cactus proclaiming our victory over the raiders and the signs attracted their own share of grief-bans.

May 16th

On May 16th The invasion began about 21:30 UK time


  • 21:30:55 zfleming1 reporting the first grief, but notes no mods or admins are currently to hand
  • 21:31:18 Supershackda visits to warn that the server is advertised on /b/
  • [... various regular players start appearing at spawn in increasing numbers to kill the griefers in an attempt to slow them down...]
  • 21:36:01 +McObot | (MCS) runechan joined the game
  • 21:36:06 +McObot | (MCS) AgentMuu joined the game (relogs for the fight)
  • 21:40:40 +McObot | (MCS) SlowRiot joined the game
  • (FIXME: at least lacrosse1991, Quizlibet and other mods present but I can't find the login notes)
  • [...]
  • 21:40:46 +McObot | (MCS) <SlowRiot> let's party, motherfuckers
  • [...]

By 21:50 the invasion appears under control - armed/armoured regulars at spawn far outnumber the invaders and anyone unknown breaking a block is being gchecked immediatly by mods/admins.

21:54:55 +McObot | (MCS) < rtkwe> thread is already dead on /v/

Anyone in a default skin with an unknown name near spawn had a high chance of death between 21:32 and roughly 23:00

What can I do if this happens again?


  • If a diamond donor, stockpile some diamond armour and weapon sets in a locked chest
  • also stockpile food for the regular players without /heal
  • join TeamSpeak
  • If you have the default skin, change it
  • If you never speak on chat, speak a little from now on, so that people recognise your name and don't kill you by accident in an event like this.
  • set up either ImprovedChat and/or AutoHotkey so that you can escape back to spawn if the fight goes badly (and /heal or /jumpto if you have the donation level needed)


  • alert admins/moderators: mentioning their name on IRC may make their IRC client send an alert to them
  • alert others players in public chat
  • alert others players on TeamSpeak
  • put some armour on and grab a weapon (diamond armour, diamond sword is best)
  • kill anyone in a default skin making punching motions on blocks around spawn
  • listen to what the mods and admins tell you
  • Securely provide weapons and armour you have spare to regular players at the site who you recognise and who currently have none or lower quality gear.
  • State names and issue clearly for the mods, e.g. "mods: l33tblocker - flying and placing dirt on buildings"
  • don't kill fellow regular players during the invasion
  • remove surplus Steve Police when you have no other targets

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