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Settlement Project MOON

An underground village complete with farms and a mine.

Founder ScarClaw72 and Mr_Fudgy
Contributors CrazyGirl3264 and SkullBuilderX
Category Villages
Underground? Yes
Fortified? No
Public access? Not Yet
Public build? No
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Jimmyville
Please contribute the coordinates for this settlement.


The Construction of Project: MOON

A Short Explanation Guide

The following is a log of events that took place during the contruction of the project. They were logged directly on the days which they specify. Each Log also contains a image showing the progress that was made that day.

Levels of Builders

Below each description also are lists of the people who helped with that specific build. Even very minimal help is credited, but only if the helper was accepted to be a helped and did something that is sufficient to actually considered to have helped (In the window of common sense). The following are descriptions for each category of builder that may be present in the list of people who helped build it.

  Primaries/Leads      - Heads of the build, in charge and make sure things go correctly while also contributing 
                         a lot in the work.
  Secondaries/Co-Leads - In charge if no leads are present, pitch in ideas, and contributing significantly in the 
                         overall work.
  Contributings        - Aid substantly in the overall work.
  Side Contributings   - Called in or are allowed upon request to aid briefly in the work 

--- Please Note: Side Contributings are not always necessarily lower than Contributings, the amount of work does not determine. The only notable difference is that Contributings were part of the plan originally and Side Contributings were brought in during the build itself to help. ---

July 5, 2016 - Plans Are Set In Place

The first tunnel for Project: MOON gets planned out and the project finally starts to take motion. .

On July 4th, 2016, ScarClaw72 decided to start a build project. The next day he enlisted his long time friend Mr_Fudgy to help start the build. Plans for Project: MOON started to form. The general idea was to create an underground bunker/vault village that would protect its inhabitants from the perils of the likes of raiders and catalytic natural disasters. It would be a safehaven for its inhabitants. Later on another member was brought onto the team, a long friend of Fudgy's named CrazyGirl3264. The Project is in very early stages, and work will soon begin on the first tunnel of the whole facility. The future site of where the tunnel will start can be seen here, as they get to work on the first bit of construction.

Village Builders

Layout Planning
  Lead Planners: ScarClaw72
  Contributing Planners: Mr_Fudgy

July 7, 2016 - The Main Tunnel

Staring down the first completed tunnel, waiting to be expanded into a T-branch. ScarClaw72 had planned on recording an episode of his Freedonia Exploration Series on this day, and Mr_Fudgy wanted to finish the first tunnel by then. While something of a turnaround, ScarClaw72 agreed and they both went to work. The episode ended up having to be pushed back a day, however after hours upon hours of working (especially with having to fight some heavy block lag delaying a lot of things and Mr_Fudgy always punching ScarClaw72), the first tunnel was complete. Plans for the future layout of the facility are almost complete, and work is still continuing with the project.

Village Builders

The First Tunnel
  Lead Builders: ScarClaw72 and Mr_Fudgy

July 18th, 2016 - The Expansion Tunnels

The planned layout of Project: MOON, designed by ScarClaw72.

After a long tiring while of work, the other tunnels were completed. Following a layout plan setup by ScarClaw72, the tunnels were created to connect all the future rooms of Project : MOON. Also during this time, another person joined the server and the project, a friend of Mr_Fudgy's named SkullBuilderX. While not seeking to living primary within Project: MOON, SkullBuilderX is contributing while also building a home of his own local to the location of Project: MOON. Work has also begun on contructing a tunnel between his island and Project: MOON

Village Builders

The Expansion Tunnels
  Lead Builders: ScarClaw72 and Mr_Fudgy 
  Contributings: SkullBuilderX

July 20th, 2016 - Skully's Tunnel

A small rail tunnel that connects Project: MOON, Skully's Island, and the Monument of Partnership.

Built as a surprise for SkullBuilderX by ScarClaw72 and Mr_Fudgy, Skully's tunnel while it isnt the prettiest thing was a tunnel that links Project: MOON, the residence of SkullBuilderX, and the monument in the middle signifying the partnership of both locations. If future neighboring structures ever are build, it is likely the railway tunnel will be expanded and connected. Hopes for one day to improve the look and functionality of the railway and its stations do exist, but for now its left as it is.

Village Builders

Skully's Tunnel
  Lead Builders: ScarClaw72
  Co-Lead Builders: Mr_Fudgy

July 22th, 2016 - The Nether Room

The Nether Room view from the entrance, showing of the very hellish room.

Many thanks to Mr_Fudgy, the nether room came to be a reality and turned out awesome. Although the other end over in the Nether Dimension isn't complete, the portal is functional and linked. In the beginning, ScarClaw72 Pitched in ideas for the floor style, but ultimately Mr_Fudgy took over the build. He was responsible for %85 of the archicture and also making the perilous journey to the nether to get the supplies for it. The Nether Room also owes a huge thanks to Jmancino2 who lit the portal for us.

Village Builders

The Nether Room
  Lead Builders: Mr_Fudgy
  Contributings: ScarClaw72 and Jmancino2

June 23rd, 2017 - The Village Room

The Village Room begins to form. On the far left is The Museum and The Hall of Quotes, beside that is The Welcome Center. In the far corner is the Cemetary, with the massive building beside it The Manor.

Focus moved to the Village room, and Mr_Fudgy dug out the outline of the massive room. The room had enough of a place carved out to stand and was to be dug from the top down. After an intimidating first glance, theschlozmeister offered to clear it for us but we denied the request as we wanted to do it by hand. The wall across from the entrance actually had to be shortened because it hit the world border as it went further down. The size of the massive room had been underestimated, and progress was forced to slow while the school year ran around. Part of this was due to ScarClaw72 and Mr_Fudgy lending hands to The Anniversary Cake for Freedonia's 6th birthday. But thanks to the help of many people, most notably Bowbyslag who dug at least 40% of the place single-handed, it was completed by the summer of 2017. Mr_Fudgy then took lead with building the actual village, while ScarClaw72 built out a floorplan of the buildings. The Village includes The Manor, The Museum, The Hall of Quotes, The Welcome Center, The Housing, and The Common House.

Village Builders

The Village Room
  Lead Builders: ScarClaw72 and Mr_Fudgy
  Contributings: SkullBuilderX
  Side Contributings Bowbyslag, JZTech101, Willaroob_CC, Lecatzz, and CrazyGirl3264

June 24th, 2017 - The Mine

The main branch tunnel of the strip mine.

During the week where Mr_Fudgy was away, ScarClaw72 visited NHCity for the first time with NHC_THK. A plot was added as ScarClaw72 took an interest in the town and wanted to build a home there. Afterwards, ScarClaw72 showed NHC_THK Project: MOON and he offered to help out. ScarClaw72 let him pick a room to lead the build of and NHC_THK picked the mine. ScarClaw72 came up with the design of it, and they began to make a verticle shaft downwards, and built a main shaft that will be the primary tunnel of a strip mine layout. After looking it over Mr_Fudgy rebuilt the staircase due to OCD reasons.

Village Builders

The Mine
  Lead Builders: ScarClaw72 and NHC_THK
  Side  Contributings: Mr_Fudgy

June 30th, 2017 - The Land Feud

A view from above the invasion. The cobblestone were markings to outline the future borders of Neighbor Luna. The location closest to the camera with the large lava tower was the invading village, that has prevented future plans with Neighor Luna.

Plans to finally unite the local builds came when 7_I moved in. He moved into a home in The Lunar Vault while also building a house in the nearby vicinity. After that, The Lunar Vault, 7_I's home, The Monument, and Skully's Island were to be united under the new collective Neighbor Luna. Unfortunately, during one of Dethsh0k's many intrusions, Billshields and Pepsolman found there way and began to build an unwelcome home adjacent to Neighbor Luna. The uncomfortably close distance made ScarClaw72 and Mr_Fudgy hasten to mark clear borders to protect their home. Unfortunately these borders were not respected and an extension was made to the newer build that crossed into the future location of Neighbor Luna. A lot of stress, anger, and frustration rose from this.

July 1st, 2017 - The Vanishing of the Stars

On June 1st, 2017, The Lunar Vault vanished from its home, leaving behind the remnants of what was to become Neighbor Luna. No one knows what has happened but ScarClaw72 promises for people not to fret. The stars had not forever disappeared, and someday they shall return.

July 6th, 2017 - Homecoming

A look into the anger Billshields festered after Pepsolman turned away from him.

Just a small glimse shows the stubbornness and real maturity level Billshields's has inside. Dethsh0k was banned and Freedonia once became a safer place. Many Freedonians were able to rest safely at night. The Lunar Vault returned. The secret of it's disappearance was matter of relocation, but do to the recent events it was returned home. Pepsolman following the ban of Dethsh0k, began to apologize for the troubles he had caused for us. Like us, he just wanted to be free from Dethsh0k's harassment and joined with him for his own reasons and also as protection from him. He disbanded the town that was branching into our territory, and gave ScarClaw72 ownership of it. Plans on the future of the disbanded town are currently undecided, but the chances are that it will be deconstructed. With many thanks to Pepsolman and a silent hero who kick-started most of this change, The Lunar Vault returned home, Neighbor Luna is in our future, and Freedonia is safe once again.

July 7th, 2017 - The Forgotten Enemy Billshields had nearly been overlooked and he still sided with Dethsh0k and against us and Pepsolman. Due to the complete ownership or the invasive village not being transferred completely, the deconstruction could not take place. An internal feud grew between Billshields and Pepsolman, who really just wanted to make things right for Neighbor Luna. Unfortunately, it appears we are still going to have to relocate, and it will likely occur as soon as a replacement location has been found.

August 21st, 2017 - Relocation & Neighbor Luna

With the school year nearing once again, ScarClaw72 and Mr_Fudgy had seen a lot in the remainder of the summer. The Lunar Vault was relocated, and a new layout and idea for Neighbor Luna was brought to the table. With a border that did more that double the diameter of the original, and with design in mind, massive expansions were made. A bright future lies ahead of us all. A treaty was signed with The Peaceful Society ran by NHC_THK as well.

August 21st, 2017 - The Entrance

A look at the center of Neighbor Luna, where the entrance of The Lunar Vault is located.

The entrance of The Lunar Vault was something ScarClaw72 had been imagining since day one. He for the longest time was set on the idea of using pistons, but then found a new, easier, and more efficient method in Craftbook. Enlisting the help of Markrafter9, the two doors into the vault were setup, and finally it could be sealed off properly. ScarClaw72 Led the physical design, and Mr_Fudgy worked with the material design.

Village Builders

The Entrance
  Lead Builders: Markrafter9 and Mr_Fudgy
  Contributings: ScarClaw72

Places you can go in Project MOON


The Village Room contains the main housing and other locations. It is the main place of residence for those seeking shelter from the terror's of the outside world.
The Village Room contains the following places.

The Housing - Places where the inhabitants of The Lunar Vault can reside and have privacy from the outside world.

The Common House - A place for inhabitants and visitors to hang out and relax.

The Museum - A place where the building of The Lunar Vault is documented.

The Hall of Quotes - A place where the builders of The Lunar Vault left their valued words.

The Welcome Center - A place where The Nexus meets The Lunar Vault and visitors enter from afar.

The Manor - A place where the mayors of The Lunar Vault live and watch over the inhabitants.


Disco Room

Village Storage


Nether Room

The Nether Room is designed off of everything Nether!

On the main entrance, the floor was dug out in a funky pattern in which was placed lava. The lava has red glass covering it making it feel like you are floating over lava.

There are two mini Nether Fortresses on either side of the room. Both of the mini fortresses have spawners on top which represent Blaze spawners. Underneath each of the fortresses there is Netherwart growing; this is not to be confused with a Netherwart farm. If you break the Netherwart (even if you are part of the village) you will be reported for greif, unless you had permission to from Mr_Fudgy or ScarClaw72. The permission will also have to be confirmed by either of them as well.

All around the room there is 10 items in item frames. These items are things that you can only find in the Nether. These items include Blaze Rod, Blaze Powder, Glowstone, Glowstone Dust, Netherrack, Soul Sand, Nether Brick, Quartz, Netherwart, and a Ghast Tear. (this was the hardest one to get because of the Nether being set in Insane Difficulty)

But the main attraction in the room in the Nether Portal itself. (graciously lite by Mod Jmancino2) The Nether Portal was custom made by none other than Mr_Fudgy. The Nether Portal itself isn't a square but rather an irregular shape. (see picture above) Mr_Fudgy achieved this by making the actual Nether Portal 1 block behind a frame of obsidian. (if you would like to know more about he did this please watch this YouTube video made by YouTuber Grian on it) The cool thing about this Portal is that it interlocks. What interlock means is that if you went through this portal and went into the Nether and you took the same portal back you would end up back inside the Nether Room.

Inverse Aquarium

Rules and Regulations

The Mine

  1. All ore is owned by those who discover it, not always those who mine it.
  2. Tunnels are to be dug 2x2
  3. The Main Branch isnt to be extended without permission from a primary builder
  4. All caves broken into are to have cobble walls built to maintain the 2x2 tunnel with a doorway left so mobs don't flood into the mine.
  5. All mined ore veins must be filled in with cobble when dug out.
  6. Citizens or visitors using the mine are responsible for keeping the branches lit with torches.
  7. If you want to preserve your ore you found but don't have the means to mine it at the moment, block off that branch with other blocks and a sign marking it as your own.
  8. Anyone breaking blocks protecting a shaft with claimed ore with intention of theft will be reported to Freedonia staff for grief and delt with appropriately.
  9. Any claimed ore that isn't mined after 24 hours will have protection broken and will become fair game.
  10. The Mine is free and public to use so long as rules are complied with.

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