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Let's start by saying to anyone that gets linked to this article that, no, we're not the server that TheCampingRusher or Rusher was playing on!


How old is this server?
It's 5 years 10 months old at the time of writing. It was launched within one hour of Notch releasing Minecraft SMP on 4th of August, 2010.

Is it the oldest server in Minecraft?
It is the oldest server that's still running in existence. It has never had a map reset, and the map expands as the server is upgraded to new versions of Minecraft SMP.


MinecraftOnline has 3 simple rules:

  • Do not grief
  • Do not cheat
  • Do not spam

Breaking one or more of these rules will see you receiving a permanent ban from the server.

The Event

A YouTube user named TheCampingRusher posted two videos on his YouTube channel that showcased a Minecraft server 2b2t, which is the fourth oldest server still running) which was "the oldest server in Minecraft". The first video was released on the 1st of June 2016, and TheCampingRusher said in the video description that he'd been playing on the server shown on the video for 5 years.

TheCampingRusher's first video about "the oldest server" in Minecraft SMP - TheCampingRusher Video 1

At the time of writing, MinecraftOnline is almost 6 years old, since it was launched within an hour of the official launch of Minecraft SMP by Notch on the 4th of August, 2010.

Investigations by users of MinecraftOnline identified that TheCampingRusher had initially posted the address to the server he was playing on in the video description, but as users began to overload that server he removed the address from the video's description. As a result, many players used search engines to find the oldest Minecraft SMP server in the world, and of course they stumbled on MinecraftOnline.

With the release of the first video, the amount of new player traffic coming onto the server was relatively small, with waves of 3-4 new players every hour or so. However, TheCampingRusher then released a second video on the 3rd of June 2016. This increased the influx of users to MinecraftOnline dramatically.

TheCampingRusher's second video indicating that hacking is allowed on this server - TheCampingRusher Video 2

As a result of both videos, many players logged on to the server expecting to either fight with TheCampingRusher or do as much damage to the server as possible, since they were under the impression that client modifications and griefing were allowed.

This event is still ongoing as the view count of the two videos increases (the first video has 1,230,584 views and the second has 395,953 views at the time of publishing) and more and more people find the MinecraftOnline server.

A number of these new players have decided to stay on MinecraftOnline and become part of the community.

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