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Settlement Salthook

The cozy town of Salthook.

Founder Reseres
Contributors thesprazzler
Category Towns
Underground? no
Fortified? yes
Public access? yes
Public build? yes
Road link? no
Nexus link? No
Rail link? no
Boat link? No
Portal? no
Coordinates X=2006
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Rutopia
Map link


A cosy mining village on the edge of the world. Like Narnia, it's always snowing. It was made by Reseres, thesprazzler and TomWithAGun on their epic journey to the edge of the known world. The idea behind this journey was to build Airhaven when the server updated, which it finally did on 28/09/2011. But as usual Res got bored waiting and built a hut. thesprazzler's hut was next to follow, then tom finally caught on and built himself one. The town was fortified mainly by Sprazz and Tom, although Res was occasionally within about 100m. Then, out of nowhere, two other random people turned up and built some houses. Then Res and tom left to Airhaven. But thesprazzler thought it was crap, and returned to Kurai Cho, which he now rules.


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