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Organisations Silver Lake Radio
Headquarters Freeman77, Its_Just_Jeff
Founded May 2017
Public? yes

Boradcast 2017-04-17

Freeman77: Good evening Silver Lake it is Freeman77 from Silver Lake Radio! Here we have a guest at the station, IvanLeshev. Say hi!

IvanLeshev: Helloo!

Freeman77: Lets start today's news. There is a town developing near the Forrrest warp.

IvanLeshev: Town named Numington Town

Freeman77: This town is built above the ocean and is going to raise bigger and bigger

IvanLeshev: From this town, I with owner started to do Icekansen

Freeman77: what is that?

IvanLeshev: Icekansen is network of highways, in which player getting speed thanks to ice and trapdoors

Freeman77: ice is fast way to travel when you run and jump on it

IvanLeshev: First line of Icekansen will lead from Numington Town to mushroom island

Freeman77: There is also some builds builded in these days. There is a Pogo Island and remake of Wooden Castle of spawn builded. Wooden Castle was builded by builders which are the Canine, Rogue and others. There is also a Book of Riot being written by me. It is a book about history of server. It says about times from 2010-2011 with a lot of events being showed up which are not on timeline.

mrelectron: sensual pleasure by alspal is a much better book

Freeman77: mrelectron, it is different genre

mrelectron: lol i would be surprised if there were any others of alspals genre

Freeman77: well, Book of Riot is a historical genre cause it is about our god SlowRiot as he and the apostles which are mods and angels the admins, rules our world.

  • interrupts broadcast*

Broadcast 2017-05-07

Goood evening gentleman and ladies! I am Freeman77 from Silver Lake Radio. Here we have some news from all around the Freedonia. Right now, Lewis and his team and building further extension of FRS. That might help for players to get further towns as New Louisville.Anna_28 is also creating extensions for Acacia Roads. Silver Lake just got their Nexus! Right now people can enter Silver Lake but exit doen't works and we are working on it. There are lots of town being builded by some other players. For example New Canada! It was builded by Hitman75 and sprazzler. Hope their town will be more populated and will have bright future! Also Grieftopia have been grown madly in these few months! It is more looking as a big functioning town that village with 2 people there. Ok folks thats all for a news, it was Freeman77 from Silver Lake Radio, have a good evening!

  • ends broadcast*

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