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Organisations STARS

The building near Spawn

Leadership dorn284 and zfleming1
Headquarters Unknown

  This group is now completely inactive, due to all the members being either long gone, or  staff members.

STARS is a group of normal players created by dorn284 and zfleming1 whose purpose is to assist moderators in catching griefers and preventing or assisting in the cleanup and repair of grief. Though zfleming1 is now a moderator, STARS still counts him among it's members due to his being one of the original Founders.


STARS Office

The STARS office building is a large blocky structure with a large sign on the outside proudly announcing whose office building it is. On the inside it has three levels that leave the middle of the building mostly open. The bottom floor contains the offices of Captain dorn284, Lieutenant zfleming1 and the Master of Arms MSgt Matt314. Five other offices, with no occupants due to a hiring freeze, will eventually hold the Master of Records and the Team Leaders of Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta Teams. The middle level consists of offices for the Team members currently on duty awaiting assignments. The third tier will consist of the office of the Warden, his assistant the Vice Warden and cells for the griefers awaiting trials or bans.

Rank Structure

Once the hiring freeze is lifted, and assuming enough people can qualify, STARS will consist of one hundred and six personnel. The Captain, Lieutenant, Master of Arms, Master of Records, the four Team Leaders and the Warden will all be personnel of exceptional character. They will make up the main Council who will determine the fate and future of the STARS team.

Each Team will be made up of four squads. Each squad will consist of five Grunts and one Corporal. The four corporals will receive general areas to have their squad patrol from their Team Leader. Each Team Leader will receive the areas that need to be watched from either the Captain or the Lieutenant when the Captain is not around. All told, the ranks break down as follows.


  • 1 Captain- Leader of STARS
  • 1 Lieutenant - Second in command of STARS
  • 1 Master of Arms - Responsible for the Armory and dispensing armor and weapons to personnel
  • 1 Master of Records- Responsible for keeping track of any deployments or actions of STARS members
  • 1 Warden - Responsible for keeping track of prisoners, their visitors and ensuring discipline in the cell blocks
  • 1 Vice Warden - Responsible for assisting the Warden
  • 4 Team Leaders - Responsible for their individual Teams and their training
  • 16 Corporals - Responsible for keeping an eye on Grunts and inter squad discipline
  • 80 Grunts - Responsible for hunting down and apprehending griefers as well as anything else the higher ranking members can thing of


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