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The Stratospherians. They are the angels in the night sky that call you to your demise- that flash of white when you are hit very hard across the head, or even your worst nightmare...

Formerly known as the Sonorous Empire, they renamed when they realised that it was a bit of a misnomer, considering that they fly in the sky. They are a group of specially trained Sky lords, Sky captains and pirates. Every town under the rule of Reseres is part of this Empire, and anyone living in any of the towns are part of it too. It began a few months ago, when Reseres still lived in Hippywood with relative happiness. He built an underground cavern belonging to his newly formed Empire, but sadly it was slightly wrecked by ModernMyth7's house building. Reseres then left that and went into the open air, half building an airship and creating a small castle, dubbed Creeperton. He wanted to bring citizens to it, so he brought somebody called Galia (Up2Beat4life). Reseres had the courtesy to ask Hippywood owner Blobehh if Galia could live in his castle. Blobehh quickly denied, which wasn't really fair considering it was Res's castle, and brought the swift and unjust sword of diamond on both Galia and Res. After repeated stabbings, Reseres decided that Hippywood had a dick living in it and left. Both he and Galia moved to Raggamoth, or HillValley as it is known by some. They lived in a house, and everything was good. An Airship was constructed, and they moved to that. They were blood brothers. Then something terrible happened. Galia was struck by the lightning of the Gods, and never seen again. A small memorial lies in Raggamoth, remembering the life and times of Galia. He was a God among men, and my friend.

Times changed. Reseres moved away and found a spot where some intrepid explorers, minecraftfc, spudinski, muthemu and Emolistic could form a village. He lead them past Isle of Muu, and the people founded a place called Emucraft. Res didn't like Emucraft, so he moved along to a selection of physically impossible mountains. He built yet another Town there called Mistington.

For a while Res lived in Mistington, but he got bored and looked at GodlyCheeze's pagoda.

It was good.

He made a Town called Kurai Cho not too far off Mistington, and it is still there today, (for a while) ruled by Ted, one of Res's best generals and builders.

Then Res heard on the wind about more land... And more monsters to fight. With some citizens from Kurai Cho, he moved to the Eastern borderland and formed Salthook, a little village ready for the arrival of Airhaven. Now that's where he is now, silently building yet another town, and the government for the Stratospherians.

Anyone is welcome to join a chapter of Res's epic quests!

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