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nexus_cities.png Takadokia

Yasha Takadokya, Yasha! (Live Takadokia, Live!)
Current Bashkan (Mayor): getplayerhead.sh?HY_Turkic&16.png HY_Turkic

Founder getplayerhead.sh?HY_Turkic&16.png HY_Turkic, getplayerhead.sh?LolePlay_PL&16.png LolePlay_PL
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? Partially
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Size north to south ~800m
Size west to east ~1000m
Road link? No
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-4494
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Takadokia is a city located at the south of Freedonia and the capital of the Intertakadokian Federation. It was founded by players getplayerhead.sh?LolePlay_PL&16.png LolePlay_PL and getplayerhead.sh?HY_Turkic&16.png HY_Turkic, founders of South Loletown. It was first established as Midlake Island on 9th of February, and it eventually grew and grew, eventually encompassing many islands in an archipelago. Its capital in the town of Markez in the district of Markez.

It has a Nexus link that connects to South (Lime) 3, which is located in New Nakhchivan, Asariguene. Vizima is the nearest warp, and is about 1000 blocks away.

 8:52 PM CET, September 18th, 2019  
<getplayerhead.sh?LolePlay_PL&16.png LolePlay_PL> fuck this, im going to change my home <getplayerhead.sh?TheDemetri&16.png TheDemetri> he user superpick <getplayerhead.sh?TheDemetri&16.png TheDemetri> *used <getplayerhead.sh?LolePlay_PL&16.png LolePlay_PL> im goin to build my home on this island



A map showing the districts of the contiguous federation.

The districts are internal land divisions of Takadokia, all helping make Takadokia itself. From the historic significance of the Otagol Islands to the huge fort of Norliegos, all of them are important to the city.

The Otagol Islands

The Otagol Islands district consists of the East, West and South Otagol Islands. This district is the birthplace of Takadokia, and East Island holds historical significance. It was the capital of Takadokia before some shenanigans happened that caused it to switch capitals to Markez.


Asariguene is a district located south of the Otagol Islands, which consists of 2 towns; New Shirvan and New Nakhichevan. In September of 2019, HY had plans of colonizing the island which would become Asariguene, and which he would call North Midlake Island. But, due to multiple reasons, he abandoned this island. He would never touch it until Febuary of 2020, when he proclaimed it the Southern Territory. the territory achieved districthood collectively as New Baku (now Markez), New Shirvan and New Nakhchevan. The capital of Asariguene was Markez (back then known as New Baku), before HY changed it to New Shirvan after making Markez a seperate district from Asariguene.

On the 8th of April, HY created a Nexus link for Takadokia in New Nakhichevan, with the help of Admin getplayerhead.sh?jimmyd93&16.png jimmyd93. He chose New Nakhechevan as the location for the Nexus since it was near the heart of Takadokia and it was completely empty.

Beuk Sirdena

Beuk Sirdena was the third state created for the First New Sardinian Republic, and started as Project Vizima; a bridge building project that would connect New Sardinia to the warp city of Vizima. It was later renamed to Project Grande Sardinia, and was to split into two states; Grande Sardinia and Fondare. If Project Vizima was considered part of Beuk Sirdena, then it would be the second district, but the establishment of Project Grande Sardinia is thought of as when Beuk Sirdena was created. Currently, it is made up of the towns of Grandcittia and Fondare.


Markez is a district consisting of one town; Markez. It has special status, being the capital district and town of Takadokia. Prior to being seperated from Asariguene, it was known as New Baku and was the capital of the district of Asariguene. In 17th of April, 2020, it was seperated from Asariguene and given special status due to it being the capital of Takadokia. It is where HY's base, meeting room, PvP arena and enchanting room is located. It is the only district with only 1 town.

The Modyeki Islands

The Modyeki Islands is a district that consists of 2 islands off the coast of Asariguene. Its old name is named after the shortened word for moderators, Mod, and the Azerbaijani word for two (iki), which implies that there are 2 islands. Vysoky is the capital of the Modyeki Islands.


Nimadonie is a Greek-inspired district. With 4 towns, it has the largest town count in all of Takadokia. The names of the cities are; Nea Olympia, Voreiapoli, Notiapoli and Kritipoli. Voreiapoli is the capital of NM because the governor's office is located there.

Current Governor: getplayerhead.sh?Kotobuki_&16.png Kotobuki_


Norligia is a Spanish-style district, located at the south of the Otagol Islands. Its capital, Puerto Freska, is located on a completely artificial island built by getplayerhead.sh?_Fresk&16.png _Fresk, while the other two cities are located on a closer artificial island built on a close piece of land partially located in the ocean. It is small, but it is the location of a huge fort, built by Fresk.

Current Governor: getplayerhead.sh?_Fresk&16.png _Fresk





Territories are part of Takadokia which have not entered into districthood yet. When they are settled, they are created under the name of a territory. A territory needs a farm, an attraction and 20 days of existence before being admitted to Takadokia as a new district. These rules ensure that the territory is cleaned up, built up and sweeped before entering the union. Territories are often bigger, and needs to be split of into 2 or more districts so all of the districts stay a relative same size.

Former Territories

Former territories were, well, former territories that achieved districthood.

Southern Territory/New Azerbaijan

Southern Territory, or New Azerbaijan, was a territory proclaimed to be part of Takadokia on 9th February, 2020. After achieving districthood, the territory was divided into two towns; New Baku (Markez) and New Shirvan, hence the name of New Azerbaijan. It was to achieve districthood by the 1st of March.

The next day, HY declared that a third town, New Nakhichevan would be carved out from extra land, making the New Azerbaijan district equal to the Midlake Islands.

It achieved districthood on the 29th of February, exactly 20 days after achieving territory-hood.

Autonomous Districts

An autonomous district is normally a singular district found very far away from Takadokia. The reason they are autonomous is because they are too far away from mainland Takadokia to govern right, and it takes some time to walk to. Commonly, they are surrounded by wilderness.

It can also contain places surrounded by Takadokia but would have their own government and would be mostly free from HY.

Free State of Loletown

The Free State of Loletown is an important part of Takadokia. It includes Lole's base and HY's first base, so it is pretty special. Currently, nothing new has been built on it since its incorporation except the hotel. It consists of 3 towns; Zachottia, Wshurba and Bezmond, which occupies the former territory of West & East Loletown and Mod-Free Island respectively. Zachottia is the combination of the Polish word "zachod" and Italian for city "citta". Wshurba is the combination of the Polish word for east "wschod" and the Latin word for city "urbs". Bezmond is Polish for no mod "bez mod". Zachottia is the capital of Loletown.

Sardinian Eden

Sardinian Eden is another autonomous district that is part of Takadokia. It is located north of Loletown. It currently has nothing on it. It has 2 cities; Urlzdorf and Mazac. Urlzdorf comes from German for "clock" (uhr) and Mazac comes from the Hebrew word for "pier" (mazach). Urlzdorf's main attraction is its clock tower, made to replicate the look of the New Eden Clocktower. This is why the town is named after a word for clock. Mazac's main attraction is its dock; made to replicate New Eden's dock. It even has a little boat. Urlzdorf is the capital of SE.


Governors are people who are mainly responsible with the agricultural matters and buildings. Governors represent their districts.

Nimadonie: getplayerhead.sh?Kotobuki_&16.png Kotobuki_


File:Mapmarker_buildingicon.png‎ Midlake Hotel, West Island

File:Mapmarker_buildingicon.png East Midlake Lighthouse, East Island

File:Mapmarker_buildingicon.png Stonebridge Hotel

File:Mapmarker_buildingicon.png Vysoky Palace, Vysoky


The Midlake Islands

On the 9th of September, 2020, HY and LolePlay_PL found a small island while trying to find a special spot, and they set up camp on the island. They said that they would not stay permanently. which was far from the truth. Both Lole and HY tended to the island (which became the Midlake Island). HY found a new island and named it West Midlake Island, and he built a small hotel, port and farm there. After some time, Lole stopped coming online as often, and disappeared all together. At the very end of the Midlake era, HY established Project Vizima (later Project Grande Sardinia).

New Sardinian Federation (First Republic)

On February 4th, 2020, HY incorporated the Midlake Islands into a new country; the New Sardinian Federation (now referred to the First New Sardinia Republic) and it had 3 official states; East Midlake Island, West Midlake Island and South Midlake Island. The First Republic only lasted 16 days.

New South/Northwest Verico

In February 20th, 2020, Beeraeka bought New Sardinia for 15 iron blocks, starting a months-long rule of New Sardinia by Verico. New Sardinia was rechristened New South Verico (later New Northwest Verico, NNWV for short, to correct a naming error).

United Bedrocco States

The UBS was a state of the Bedrocco Empire that Takadokia was a part of for a long time. Due to the state being virtually useless, it was disbanded with Takadokia becoming independent of the UBS and Bedrocco. getplayerhead.sh?HY_Turkic&16.png HY_Turkic struggled with how to make the new government for the country, and ultimately settled on "a normal ass city" after getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman suggested it.


  • Takadokia has had 6 names so far in its history, and their origins are interesting.
    • "Midlake" in Midlake Island(s) came from the combination of "middle" and "lake", which indicates that it is at the center of the lake. However, this is not true.
    • New Sardinia came from the name of the real life island of Sardinia, owned by Italy. HY chose this name because he was watching a video about Italian Unification while thinking of names.
    • New Northwest Verico, Takadokia's name during Verican occupation, presumably (because Beeraeka named it) came from the fact that the city is the in the northwest of Verico. Surprising!
    • Takadokia's name comes from the Arabic word for "progress" (taqadum) and the name for the ancient city of Cappadocia, which itself comes from the Old Persian word Katpatuka which means "place below" in Hitite.
  • Takadokia's Lole Station might be one of the biggest FRS station buidlings in all of Freedonia, with many shops and room for many more of said shops. Though this station isn't operational just yet.
  • Takadokia could be interpreted as a bridge across the giant lake, and its Ice Road helps people to travel very fast across the lake. HY is currently thinking about extending the Ice Road all the way to the district Hafkletta so the entirety of transportation can happen in the Ice Road; a stable connection from the Otagol Islands to Hafkletta.

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