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Organisations The T Group
Leadership MrLampMan12
Headquarters CatVille
Founded 14th December 2011
Public? Yes MrLampMan12 is now banned, and the group has now stopped to function as thesprazzler is the only active member.

Members (In rank order)

Objectives and history

The group was made when MrLampMan12 thought that the friendly MC players should be rewarded with gifts and the evil ones should be punished.

The T group talks about people they dislike. If provoked, the group will send out a member to elimanate the chosen target. But if players are nice, the group will send out a member to reward him/her with a gift of iron, gold, or a diamond/diamonds. Givers give rewards and takers take lives.Givers do not get payment, the payment is the satisfaction of giving.A takers payment will be on the sign.You can be both a giver and a taker.A watcher is higher than both a giver and a taker put together. A watcher is a rank up from the other two ranks, it watches over the lower ranked members of the group and if needed will act on it, if it dosent go to plan.

How to get a mission

If you enter the HQ and look to the left you will see a board made of fences.On this board there will be differant jobs/contracts with rewards underneath. Pick one of these "jobs" by writing:Taken-(Player name).If your Mc username is too long.Eg:thesprazzler shorten it down.Eg:Sprazz.Once finished your job return to HQ.Collect your reward by destroying the sign and replacing it saying mission acomplished and write your name so MrLampMan12 can see you've finished your mission. Once you have done MrLampMan12 will give you your payment. If you pretend you've done your mission MrLampMan12 will find out and add you to the jobs list...

Remember T stands for talk. The group likes to talk about who will receive the item/punishment.

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