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Organisations United Flarentian powers

UFP Flag

Leadership President: getplayerhead.sh?mrelectron&16.png mrelectron
Headquarters Liberantem
Founded May 27th 2017
Public? No, Invite only

The UFP is a democratic government organization in MinecraftOnline or Freedonia.

It was created to govern MCO, adding territories (with permission) to protect and add to the UFP. The UFP was so named to represent the desire for unity in Freedonia, Flarenta, the origin of the UFP, and the power of people coming together.

Additionally, it is Democratic, but is more of a democratic oligarchy, seeing as how it would be nearly impossible for the whole server to vote. The UFP draws its inspiration and basic laws from the United States of America.




  • May 2017: The UFP was created by getplayerhead.sh?STL_Ninja17&16.png STL_Ninja17 and getplayerhead.sh?Terilyn&16.png Terilyn. As the exact date of this is unknown, May 27th, 2017 was arbitrarily chosen.
  • June 2017: The UFP capitol in the South West Nexus was founded a couple of days after the organization's creation. Congress members were chosen a little bit later, adding members such as getplayerhead.sh?treepuncher755&16.png treepuncher755, getplayerhead.sh?LewisD95&16.png LewisD95, getplayerhead.sh?feb1980&16.png feb1980, and getplayerhead.sh?IcemanJW23&16.png IcemanJW23.
  • July 2017: UFP strengthens friendship with Shireford.
  • July 2017: UFP creates alliance with The New Canadian Republic.
  • July 2017: Congress Member getplayerhead.sh?xArches&16.png xArches is added.
  • August 2017: UFP and NCR are joined by railroad.
  • August 2017: Territory of Flarenta expands.
  • August 2017: UFP creates a discord for faster voting.
  • August 2017: President getplayerhead.sh?STL_Ninja17&16.png STL_Ninja17 proposes "lower congress" to manage territories while "Upper Congress" remains federal. Congressman getplayerhead.sh?feb1980&16.png feb1980 proposes mining sharing act allowing the sharing of resources mined between 2 people. Congressman getplayerhead.sh?xArches&16.png xArches proposes agriculture restriction limiting amount of chickens per farm.
  • August 2017: Vice President getplayerhead.sh?Terilyn&16.png Terilyn is replaced with Vice President getplayerhead.sh?alspal&16.png alspal due to inactivity since may, Congressman getplayerhead.sh?Bowbyslag&16.png Bowbyslag is voted in,
  • August 2017: getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28 is invited and does not join. The UFP is also present on Toastcraft with towns like Ninja Town, New St.Louis, Floresta and, Nueva Florence.
  • September 2017: President getplayerhead.sh?STL_Ninja17&16.png STL_Ninja17 suggests creating and hosting a "UFP: Ultra Hardcore" event making the first organized UFP UHC, players from MCO and ToastCraft will be allowed to submit applications to join,
  • September 2017: Lower congress Overseer (equivalent to president) and Secretary of the Lower (equivalent to Vice President) are voted on. getplayerhead.sh?Wulf_359&16.png Wulf_359 is made an enemy of the state and has no authority in UFP territory. Other mods and admins will have authority in UFP territories.
  • October 2017: Legal Abuse Act and 1st UFP Constitution amendment is passed.
  • October 2017: War on corrupt staff, such as getplayerhead.sh?Wulf_359&16.png Wulf_359, starts.
  • November 2017: UFP capital has name changed to Liberantem.
  • November 2017: getplayerhead.sh?Mrelectron&16.png Mrelectron becomes an upper congressman.
  • November 2017: An alliance is made with BenEm.
  • November 2017: Fjbelly breaks off but still has partial control from the UFP, making it a commonwealth.
  • November 2017: A judicial system is created. Expansion of liberantem starts. New government agencies added.
  • November 2017: The first federal court house is planned to be made in Liberantem.
  • November 2017: Talk of the UFP in chat leads to the creation of fakestaff 2.
  • November 2017: getplayerhead.sh?Skytrill&16.png Skytrill gives up their lower congress role to become the first UFP Federal Judge.
  • November 2017: The first UFP ship named the UFPS Flarenta is built.


  • January 2018: President Ninja tries to get the UFP active again and even sets new goals to wake the members from a short holiday break. This was not effective and the UFP continued to slumber.
  • March 2018: A UFP reboot is introduced due to long term inactivity from a Christmas/holiday break. Until the reboot takes place, getplayerhead.sh?STL_Ninja17&16.png STL_Ninja17 chose to temporarily step down as President, with KawaiiBot taking charge for a time.
  • March 2018: The UFP plans to spread to another server as well.
  • April 2018: The UFP builds the town of Floresta and plans are set in motion for Nueva Florence on Toastcraft after the server reboot. Ninja becomes the president again. The UFP discord server goes under a construction to add citizens and supporters.
  • Late 2018: MCO is mostly abandoned by the UFP and Toastcraft becomes the new home to the organization.


  • November 2019: Presidential elections are held and getplayerhead.sh?mrelectron&16.png mrelectron becomes president later choosing getplayerhead.sh?feb1980&16.png feb1980 as his vice president.


  • January 2020: The possibility of coming back to MCO is thought of but has no official vote.


The UFP has a bicameral legislature, this means that there are 2 groups that from the Legislative branch, it includes upper congress and lower congress. Upper congress votes on Federal issues and Lower congress votes on territorial issues. Each UFP territory is recognized meaning there is a sense of federalism. The Executive branch includes a president and vice president for upper congress as well as an overseer and a secretary of the lower for lower congress. The president and vice president have more authority over the overseer and secretary of the lower since federal matters are more important. The Judicial Branch of the UFP includes Federal and local judges. Each branch has a set of checks and balances on another branch. Most of the voting on laws is done by Congress at the moment as public voting booths are just being added in each UFP territory. The UFP is one of very few organizations on MCO that are democratic and are ruled by the people along with their representatives.


We wish to govern the lands of Freedonia to bring order, protection, resources, and most of all freedom to those of Freedonia. With the first president being STL_Ninja17 and first vice president being Terilyn. Congress is chosen by the persident and will retire when another president is elected. elections are held every 2 years and the president can have 4 terms. Former presidents become permanent congress members. The vice president is nominated by the president and voted on by congress. The vice president acts as president when the president is not active. The UFP is democratic and can never change. (this allows for public voting if the president or congress wishes to organize such) Congress members can resign or decline the position, congress votes on new congress members. All UFP citizens have the right to Protection, Resources, religion, free speech, and happiness as well as freedom and can revolt or rebel if these standards arent met after the government has been notified at least twice. As the government of Freedonia we can create laws, enforce laws, create an official economy, create taxes, and start wars. A majority of congress members have to agree on declaring wars.


The currency of the UFP is, as of 2017, emeralds. They are valued at $1 a piece and $9 a block. There are no current taxes although a tax system was approved by congress and may be put into the works soon. No stores currently use emeralds as currency. The economy also now includes other resources to have the same monetary value as emeralds but more is needed depending on the resource.

Passed Laws

Laws currently passed include:

  • The Mining Share Act, which allows for a 20% share of all mined resources between 2 or more players.
  • The Chicken Restriction Act, which limits the amount of chickens to 15 per farm.
  • The Annexation of Spawn, which adds spawn to the growing list of UFP territories.[dubious]
  • The Lower Congress Act, which adds lower congress for organizing/making laws for territories while Upper Congress focuses more on Federal matters. Upper congress has authority over lower congress. The legal abuse act makes any staff member abusing privileges in a UFP territory illegal. The 1st UFP constitutional amendment allows the public to finally vote on laws, congressional members, and president of the UFP. Tiebreakers in votes are determined. The president can now veto laws and congress can override vetos.


The UFP declared war on corrupt staff. This war would later be named the Freedonian Civil War. [dubious] The UFP has a small navy as well, with one ship, the UFPS Flarenta, docked near Liberantem.


The UFP has a standing alliance with another organization, the New Canadian Republic. The NCR was connected by rail to the UFP territory of Flarenta, although this link was removed by getplayerhead.sh?Himan75&16.png Himan75 harvesting it for rails. getplayerhead.sh?STL_Ninja17&16.png STL_Ninja17 and getplayerhead.sh?Himan75&16.png Himan75, the former leader of the NCR, have cooperated on some small side projects but nothing major.

The UFP and The Benjamese Empire entered into an alliance on November 23rd, 2017. This alliance allows for both nations to remain separate nations while if one is attacked then both are attacked. This alliance also lets a tax free trade between the two nations. Both nations citizens keep their rights as well as gain the rights of the other nation while in the other nation.

The UFP also formed several alliance with NHCity, Treetown, and Grifftopia.



UFP territories on MCO include Flarenta, Roanoke, Liberantem, Fjellby (Partially), all land owned by former Vice president getplayerhead.sh?Terilyn&16.png Terilyn, and all land owned by Upper congressman getplayerhead.sh?IcemanJW23&16.png IcemanJW23.

UFP territories noted to be outside MCO are Ninja Town, New Saint Louis, Floresta, and Nueva Florence.

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