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User bawestman

Commander Rex: modified color

Known as Baw, Bawest
Gender Male
Location USA
Nationality American
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined 2017-03-20
First building a small hiddy hole
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Nether
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Bawestman is a quite player that collects ridiculous amounts of materials for no reason. He works on impossible projects in the hopes that he can find efficient strategies to make things much quicker. He is usually willing to sell and trade resources to players directly rather than make a shop for the social factor it provides.


First got Minecraft back in 2012 but didn't think about joining a server until 2017 when he watched videos on 2b2t and anarchy servers. He wanted to join in but only wanted to be a helpful player even when he had the complete freedom to be as brutal as possible. In only a few weeks this was becoming less interesting and quit playing all together for awhile. After looking around he found MCO and decided that it would be much more productive to be a part of a similar community of players that vets players than have to do it himself. It also had incredibly long history that was well documented and there was no fear that his build would get destroyed one day out of the blue.


  • Helping players
  • Trading stuff
  • Looking at detailed interior design in Minecraft
  • Doing boring task in MCO while watching a show
  • Looking at code while barely even knowing what it does


  • Griefers
  • Players that pour their rage online
  • PvP


Flag Project(aka MCO flag gallery)

  • Green = grass plots
  • Red = paths

File:MCO Flag Gallery layout.png


  • Create all 195 national flags in large pixel art
  • Each flag is put in frames of 40x27 block frames
  • 3 floors that start at y = 8
  • divide between floors is 5 blocks
  • total height set at y = 100 but added detail will increase that height
  • 2 large rooms connected by all sides by 4 smaller rooms
  • only 2 of the small rooms are connected to each other
  • Shape looks like an 8 or an infinity sign


  • Large room size is 91x91x27
    • 6 Large rooms
      • Large rooms hold 8 frames
  • Medium room size is 83x83x27
    • 6 Medium rooms
      • Medium rooms hold 8 frames but have a smaller entrance
      • Where players requested/custom/nonexistent flags can be found
  • Small room size is 40x91x27
    • 24 Small rooms
      • small rooms hold 6 frames


  • Estimated amount of blocks that need to mined 2.5 million - 3 million
  • auto farms will be added in every room to make then useful
  • frames will take up 207,360 blocks (mostly wool)
  • about 60 double chest for all frames



  • 1 large room made
  • 1 small room almost done
  • 515,000 stone mined (15%- 20% done)
  • 10,000 wool collected
  • auto cane, pumpkin, melon farms created


  • first floor completely mined out
  • 1,000,000 stone mined
  • 80,000+ wool collected
  • auto pig, cow, bitch wood farms created
  • 12 flags created


  • 1 medium room for custom flags 3/4 dug out
  • 2nd medium room first 3 high blocks dug out
  • 1,150,000 stone mined
  • 1+ max beacon added
  • 64 flags completed(mostly in alphabetical order)
  • All flags up to Germany have been completed.
  • floor refurbished for all 1st floor except for custom flag areas.
  • all 10 max beacons moved up above 1st floor to a place between 1st and future 2nd floor.


  • Rufas - Mining + materials + first contributor
  • AyeMD (SailBird) - 6 beacons
  • Avanlance - colorful wool
  • BenjaminBsuper - Collecting wool + mining
  • Chaipx - several chests of colorful wool.
  • DosMiniDoc - mining
  • Paladin Heihachi - help mining many large rooms
  • Ickyacky - dye + colorful wool+ Gold blocks
  • Witchy1000 - rare wool colors + Gold blocks
  • Bowbee - lots of chests of wool
  • Anna_28 - dye + built Canadian flag
  • Avanlance - A few chests of colorful wool.
  • mk59apr - Helped mine out 1 of the medium custom rooms

The help is always appreciated but never expected. <3

Name change

Name is now bawest

Want to take part?

If you want to help build your countries flag or contribute the resources for it or give a suggestion for a fictional/no longer existent flag then just /mail me. Although I will probably deny players that are very new to the server as they need to earn some credibility first.

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