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User Bob_Oats


Known as Oats
Gender Male
Location Australia
Nationality Australian
DOB 12 7 1994
Occupation Experimental physicist
In Freedonia
First building Nether Highway System
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Bob Oats is a member of Minecraft Online that first joined in 2016. At the begining of his adventures, he was banned for the breakage of a woolen wall. This was later appealed with the promise to read the rules fully, and never to grief again. On the 10th of the 6th 2017, Jibletz admitted that his was one of only two bans he ever regretted.

Bob_Oats's major contribution to the server is the Nether Highway System; a piece of infastructure that spans close to 10 000 blocks in both the x and z coordinate directions.

Bob_Oats is a part of the town Silver Lakes and has an additional storage house out of the town, in an undisclosed location.

As part of his goal to leave some kind of legacy on the sever, Bob_Oats has been writing dairies of his travels since day one. These dairies are copied and then spread throughout the sever.

Finding such a dairy can often lead to a treasure hunt; as Bob_Oats frequently leaves the coords of buried artifacts in the dairy. Additional incentive to read these is that they contain coordinates to other builds. Sometimes to xp grinders, somethimes to open chests.

The only building that which Oats found interesting but is not listed in the dairy is his own base. On the 24/06/17, a group of players (Scobe, Andrew, and Furthest) went looking for it. It has yet to be found.

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