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User dethshok


Known as Deth
Gender Male
Nationality 'MERIKAN
DOB 6th July 1991
Occupation Killing Noobs
In Freedonia
First joined 10 April 2011
First building Idk some fucking castle
Donor level ***** Diamond
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"He is literally my nightmare that lives on steroids. Beware his angry demeanor, he will stalk his prey until he strikes. You are never safe, not even in the comfort of your own home." - ScarClaw72


General Information

This page will be fucking awesome as shit if I ever learn how to use wiki. Basically I am the sexiest motherfucker on minecraft online. I fucking rape noobs for fun, got 300 bodies buddy don't make it 301. If you fuck with me especially when I am building, which I rarely am, I will make your experience online a living hell. If you aren't a faggot (no offense zfleming1) then maybe you and I can be cool with each other. My house coordinates are -4873 77 1053, 550m from the warp ForbiddenOutpost. Come fuck with me, I dare you. Grief me, do whatever the fuck you please. If I am not getting griefed something must be wrong.

Beating up people in Kurai Cho

The Kurai Cho Army has a 10 diamond bounty on his head. They will probably never get it though since dethshok kills them for sport.



Griefing(Not MCO)

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