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User DropperOfRivia

Based on The Witcher

Known as Dropper
Gender male
Location Modena
Nationality Italian
DOB 22 1 2003
Occupation progessional Yeeter
In Freedonia
First joined 08 October 2018
First building Colle del PIPOZZ
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I fist joined here, really not knowing where to start or where to end; I come from 3 rather particular multiplayer experiences which had a great impact on my life, the first in particular. That's my BIO, not Milva's (my city and my everything) so like hell I'm gonna narrate a lot of shit.

Of course I won't write the servers IP as they WERE, I'll just nick-name them, VP, PXD and SO. If any of you recognise the names, please mail me, to not be mistaken, they were all Italian servers, so, anyway.

I, always say that as a person, I grew on a minecraft server, VP, were I spent 3-4 years of my very young life, I'm not in any way in shame to admit I'm not much more than a kid, and something less of a man, I grew always feeling and be recognised as much grew up than the others at my age.

On VP I played with my IRL everlasting friend BaldiOfBologna , we had our first house together and eventually his liking for the game went off at times.

But while I was alone, I knew amazing people, to a lack of terminology, they were, important.

I had my first experience online speking with the unknown on the god forseken TeamSpeack, and even I was really young they all accepted me and treated as they're equal.

I never had friends of my age, the exception came after, but at the time I had only them and a bouncing Baldi.

The time went extremendously fast as I'm thinking it now, I even had my first love on that server, such naive I was!, but never regretted anything.

A year and somethig has passed, Baldi is fulltime like he is now in the present and I couldn't be happier, to share my passion and what I spend my time on has always been something that fills my very soul.

We made a city together, connected it to the world, and off we went, to most of the unforgiveable memories we made on VP.

Time went on, and, yea, after 2 years the server started to get.. "issues".

It was kept closed for months, and in the meantime, the people I made friends and grew up with decided to make a server on their own, following VP example; PXD.

There I was a Moderator, so I can flex saying I got the experience, but I'm way too passionate to do it here, I'd extremely politely refuse the offer.

On PXD I eventually made some new friends, lost others, such thing, but overall it didn't last too much.

And so, after almost 7 months VP was back, and to greet me and Baldi was the absolute and total annihilation of our city; not grief, reset.

That, broke us. We knew who did it, why,and who made it possible, the server, had changed.

The welcoming home that VP was, was no more; to dictatorship admins to an Owner never to be found, we forged on for a month still, until, the final drop has fallen; Baldi's ban, by no other mining than abuse of power and self importance of the ducest admin I never had the disgust to talk with. I really want to tell the nick, but it won't do any good, so, L___m_____, fuck you, a whole lot.

But that'a history of other servers I feel sorry for putting it here to begin with, but it is what, in a way, made me.

And yet, the final server comes around, SO, a very briefly experience, but what got me inspired to surpass myself here, that server was my goodbye to any minecraft Italian networks, since, it hurts me to say, there's no good in any of them.

Conclusion time! Yatta

I'm a month away from my fist anniversary here (this is being writed on the 11/09/2019) and I couldn't be happier to be here, my city aside, I really want to just say a thank you to the people I met and made friends with here, even if not even near what I had years ago, it really do is great.

So, wassup now? The bio is gonna end ya know, that you're bored af or covered with sweet tears, I need to thank you too to have come to the end of this wall of text, and since you're at it, go check Milva out, it's cool stuff.

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