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User Edessa

The Turncoat

Gender Female
Location UK
Nationality Nomad
In Freedonia
First joined 14/04/2011
First building Edessa and Peterius' Home
Donor level *** Iron
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Edessa is a member of a rare, endangered species: female admins.

Her in-game skin sports an elfin complexion with pointy ears, hinting at an underlying Tolkien and general fantasy obsession.



A helpful and friendly player, she is occasionally seen haunting Pigchinko arenas and assisting with scoring.

She can occasionally be found on TeamSpeak, and can often be found on IRC. She is currently banned from IRC To help prevent rumors and lies about SlowRiot and the server itself from spreading.

Current Contributions



At the time of writing, Edessa was working on 6 gigantic My Little Pony statues in a bid to convert the server to Bronyism.

She is also around for admin duties - especially greport checking.


Edessa has the rare post of wiki admin, which was judged as appropriate due to her previous wiki experience. She is single-handedly responsible for remodelling the Buildings, Settlements and Warps categories and infoboxes, amongst other major tweaks.

De-moderation and scandal

On 1 Nov 2011, Edessa was caught putting together a scheme to discredit the current ownership of MinecraftOnline, undermine team morale with lies and false accusations, and masking these behind a veil of threats of domestic violence. SlowRiot was accused of misappropriating server funds to fuel alcoholism, drug habits and expensive vacations abroad. All confidants were instructed that he was not to be told any of this, under the claim that runechan was in personal danger of domestic violence from him. This scheme was undermined when it became apparent that RuneChan was on holiday with him at the time, and she herself was able to denounce this malicious rumour.

Server property theft scheme

During this time she set about attempting to copy all server files to start a duplicate server, including appropriating private and personal user data, copyrighted scripts and programs, source code, and other content created by volunteers for MinecraftOnline. Her declared intention appears to have been to start a "new MCO", under her own leadership.

Would you come with us to a new MCO if it ever came to it? -Edessa to lacrosse1991

She was stripped of all rank and server access upon discovery of this scheme. see also: Clone_Servers

Motivation and timing

Edessa's apparent motivation appears to be an attempt to strike personally at SlowRiot, who rejected her romantically in the previous weeks; the timing was selected as opportunist, as SlowRiot was due to be out of the country for a week, and hence unavailable to answer for himself online at the time, or repair potential damage to the server.

Below is a corrected version of an image posted by Edessa on 8 Nov 2011, highlighting many misleading statements and incorrect or arbitrary figures.

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