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User Githis


Known as Githis
Gender Male
Location USA
Occupation Exploring the Map
In Freedonia
First joined 02 April 2018
First building Githis's House
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 GG - Githis
 Ahahaha - Githis

"SlowRiot Mein Führer." Githis

Githis is an explorer, an average simpleton. Githis's Adventure

Ban Githis Was banned from the server twice, the final time for numerous accounts of ban evasion and grief for his organization, the EPU.


On May 8th, 2019 Githis attempted a final appeal in IRC with FlyingJellyfish to have his ban reversed. After a riviting and lengthy Q&A recounting his career of lawlesness within MCO the final moments of his story are preserved below:

. . .

< FlyingJellyfish> So githis, after you were unbanned, which account were you banned on next?

< Githis> I don’t not remember but I know that I spammed for girefed

< Githis> Or*

< FlyingJellyfish> What is thiccaults full ingame name

< Githis> That’s a site where you can buy alts

< FlyingJellyfish> So you can't remember the name of the account you were banned on

< Githis> Yes I got on so many

< FlyingJellyfish> Ok I get the idea now

< FlyingJellyfish> So githis

< FlyingJellyfish> I'm left with one question

< FlyingJellyfish> Why the fuck do you think you deserve to be unbanned and why are you wasting all our time by appealing

< bcMineOut> OOF

< Githis> Good question

< xSevenSix> F

< IvanLeshev> Destruction 100

< vauxhallmadman> ^

< bcMineOut> ^^

< xSevenSix> ^

< Githis> Don’t worry I can’t take the heat

< Githis> Lmao

< Githis> Jk

< BaconHunter321> ^

< 0xdeb7ef> Githis GG

< 0xdeb7ef> Comrade Githis.

< Githis> Mco is a beautiful place to explore

< Githis> And I always wanted to explore the whole map

< Githis> So many builds so many many stories to tell

< Githis> But I constantly timed out

< StarsoulX> it would not be as beautiful if we let inside griefers

< IvanLeshev> Don't brag about nonsense

< Githis> That made me mad

< FlyingJellyfish> Mco is a beautiful place to remain githis-free, good luck with your career as a bad poet

< xSevenSix> Lol

< IvanLeshev> LOL

< 0xdeb7ef> :(

< IvanLeshev> Destruction 9000

< Skytrill> oh jeez

< Githis> So it’s over?

< 0xdeb7ef> Githis...

< FlyingJellyfish> Yes githis

< IvanLeshev> I am wondering if Jellyfish is a politician...

< 0xdeb7ef> :(

< Skytrill> :(

< Githis> Comrades

< Githis> My time has come

< 0xdeb7ef> The most GG player

< FlyingJellyfish> You broke so many rules I'm having a hard time even reading all your accounts notes

< FlyingJellyfish> It scrolls past my screen

< Githis> Indeed

< 0xdeb7ef> Githis dies in Endgame :(

< Githis> I am sorry dearly

< FlyingJellyfish> I'm not

< Githis> I can’t express

< Githis> But I understand

< 0xdeb7ef> I will miss you, comrade.

Githis's identity has been confirmed.

Guthix is associated with FlameX12 Githis

< IvanLeshev> FlameX12?

< 0xdeb7ef> Lmao

< xSevenSix> Uh oh

< IvanLeshev> He's banned too

< 0xdeb7ef> ??

< BaconHunter321> so githis is gonna get banned? D:

< Githis> Well comrades

< boxzy> Mco is a beautiful place to remain githis-free, good luck with your career as a bad poet

< Githis> Ahahha

< snakyman> He’s been banned

< Githis> My time has come

< Githis> I admit defeat

< 0xdeb7ef> It's quite sad that Githis is not getting unbanned

< IvanLeshev> Do you say that you are about to kill yourself?

< snakyman> Now Githis is truly dead

< 0xdeb7ef> I enjoyed his exploring adventure.

< Githis> It’s over comrades

< 0xdeb7ef> GG, Githis.

< BaconHunter321> general githis

< Githis> My adventure ends today

< BaconHunter321> it was a pleasure being ur friend

< 0xdeb7ef> You shall always remain in our hearts.

< StarsoulX> Jimmy was right to say that porno is better then drama here

< Githis> I cry a tear

< BaconHunter321> the saddest ban ever

< IvanLeshev> You're a man! Don't cry

< Githis> I salute all my comrades

< boxzy> .q flyingjellyfish Mco is a beautiful place to remain githis-free

< IvanLeshev> He didn't get banned, though

< Githis> GG!

< BaconHunter321> GG!

< 0xdeb7ef> GG!

< Githis> Farewell and playwell

* Githis has quit (Quit:

< BaconHunter321> HEIL GHITIS

< 0xdeb7ef> o7

< vauxhallmadman> gg

< boxzy> damn quote bot is broken

< IvanLeshev> Ban screen is the true game over screen of Minecraft

< 0xdeb7ef> I'm gonna cry

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