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IvanLeshev is well known for being a 2-year player, slayer of Eclipse, one of Tussenstad's owners and being a main member of BenEm's workforce.

User IvanLeshev

I was a fan of Half-Life, so i selected this skin

Known as Ivan
Gender Male
Location Russia
Nationality Russian
In Freedonia
First joined 2 February 2017
First building A unfinished house at Silver Lake, later finished by Freeman77
Donor level * Wood
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A brief history

IvanLeshev joined MinecraftOnline after watching mines' MinecraftOnline video. After Ivan reading rules and checking tour, Freeman77 did lead him to Silver Lake. Here, IvanLeshev did start to build his own house, except, he never finished it, until he gave permission to Freeman77 to finish his house (but it was relatively very late from that point). After being stuck in case of progression, he went to seek another settlement. First idea was to join Red Steam, but because of conditions (no nexus and NHS), it involved going through Nether. Because of Nether's dangers, Ivan failed twice. When Rogue_Seeker wrote about Clifftonville, IvanLeshev said that he want to join him. As route was simple, Ivan and Rogue_Seeker did reach Clifftonville successfully. Rogue_Seeker did laid down the basis, and Ivan made a house out of it, and IvanLeshev created his first completed building.

Ticket to one end

When Bowbyslag sended a summon request, result was obvious - Ivan accepted the deal. But, IvanLeshev was sended to the true dead end, the End. After getting out of spawning area, IvanLeshev explored End for a little bit. After exploration, he wanted to go back, but there is one and only way of getting out of dead end - falling into Void. He was ready to fall into Void, but some moderator mentioned ender chests. Ivan finded one, and he putted all of his valuable items into it. After all of this, he calmly fall into Void, thinking about a place, where he will spawn (in this case, he was spawned in Spawn)

Blacklisted from Clifftonville

After some time, he gone to iTeChNoLoGiCi's tavern, but unexpectedly, Blobehh attacked him. IvanLeshev used /home, but still, Blobehh sucessfully killed him with his donation privileges. Because nobody helped Ivan, he was salty and joined Silver Lake again. But, that came with a cost: he was banished from Clifftonville and that involved iempeimkadiem overriding Ivan's mansion ownership. Freeman77 and Ivan tried to make Iempiemkadiem rethink decision, but they failed. After some time, dorn284 taken iempiemkadiem into interrogation room. After talking, iempiemkadiem was proven to be guilty and was forced to unbanish Ivan from Clifftonville and return his mansion.

Finding Numington Town

When he moved out of Clifftonville as it became a inactive community and became a nomadic player, he once visited Forrrest to explore. And, without any signs of it coming, he did meet a German player, which been called Cpt_Waterbubble. Cpt_Waterbubble showed him his town, Numington Town. After the tour, Ivan decided to join him. With Ivan's involvement, town progressed much faster: more plots are builded, 8 spawner XP farm was also created, public mineshaft system, ice road system was proposed, etc. With this, Numington Town became Forrrest's center. After all, Cpt_Waterbubble became Ivan's friend. But, when Cpt_Waterbubble became inactive in MCO, Ivan moved out again, even if he was the secondary mayor.

Ivan joining BenEm

At the time, when Clifftonville and Numington Town are both inactive communities, Ivan decided to make a change: joining BenEm, and he quickly became one of workforce's most active members. He worked at many infastructure projects: Giant Canal, Ginza Tunnel, Tavernia Tunnel, BenjaminStad-Tussenstad Tunnel, Twin Towers Hotel and BenEm's HQ's. Also, BenEm gave him motivation to create a town with a name of Tussenstad, that also involved Ivan into lots of projects.


At the time of writing, Ivan owns the city of Tussenstad together with hprick and Appelsaus_. Together with hprick, he proceeded to make many projects in the city and its surroundings, such as Port Tussenstad, the streets of Tussenstad, the TS sewer system, hprick's giant tower home, and many more. Ivan's work on hprick's tower has been fatal once, which earned him a gravestone on the zombie-infused Fraffyard Cemetery.


What he likes

  • Mathematics
  • Science overall
  • Transportation systems
  • Helping building
  • OpenTTD
  • BenEm
  • BenjaminBsuper

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