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User KhaosCAW


Known as Khaos
Gender Male
Location Hungary
DOB 13 August 1987
In Freedonia
First joined 23 August 2017
First building 25 August 2017
Donor level ***** Diamond
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Joined because of the server's notorious values of anti-grief and longevity, so he can build a lot of fun stuff that will probably get some visibility, and possibly be used by some. However, he has confronted the idea of defending every single block, especially looking at obvious noobcubes and pillars, half stripped trees or land, outlays, construction lighting; the things that do not add anything to the world, and just become unmovable objects for those who would use their environment to create something worthy of time and the effort, and is really in the spirit of the server that MCO have set itself out to be.


Khaos is the owner of the settlement of Hyaar, which is his only constuction on the server, that is, if we do not take the embassy of Hyaar at Spawn as a separate build.


  • The Map [1]
  • The tight-knit time-hardened community
  • The sense of history of the place
  • Late night deep talks
  • Crazies, geeks, nerds
  • Roleplaying
  • Archery, airsoft
  • Driving, American cars (Will have a Mustang sometime!)


  • Grief, PvP, destructive and aggressive gameplay
  • Negative, malicious people
  • Noobtowers, noobcubes, and sloppy, unfinished things
  • Begging


The people Khaos got to like, thankful for, would like to build with (whether they like it or not):

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