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User LewisD95
Known as Lewis, Louis
Gender Male
Location Belgium
Nationality Belgian
Occupation Civil Engineer (St.)
In Freedonia
First building New Louisville
Staff member Moderator
Donor level **** Gold
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 "just don't wanna be banned LoL :p" - LewisD95



Started his time on the server building far far far south at New Louisville. To have a decent connection for visitors of this stronghold, LewisD95 started building a rail construction, similar to the Freedonia Railway System. This got out of hand, and now the connection to the FRS is nearly done. LewisD95 and Mystila are now working together on connecting this south part of the map to the Center.

Fun fact : if you break glass around lewis , you will be found dead in your house the next day *sienfeld theme plays*


This are the project LewisD95 did and will do:


  • [SUSPENDED] LewisD95 plans to build a large trainstation at the end of the Acacia Roads Branch of the Occidental Line, near the world border, to connect all (new) southern expansions to the FRS. This station is going to have 2 platforms for the branch (from and to New Louisville and 2 platforms for going east and west. There will or can be expansions to add local lines, but those will not be built at first construction. Most of the station will not be underground.
  • [SUSPENDED] Castle at Obernai
  • New buildings at Obernai to fill the complete city

Current Projects

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