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User LordOfTheShadows
Known as Lord, Shadows, Lordy, LOTS, Shadowlord
Gender Female
Location United States
Nationality American
DOB 10 3 ? (DD/MM/YYYY)
Occupation Yes
In Freedonia
First joined 05-10-2020
Staff member Moderator
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The Beginning of the Shadowlord

LordOfTheShadows was first seen on 05/10/2020 as GhostedRevolver. They were rather quiet and kept to themself and attempted to build their first home on a small platform in the ocean. Upon meeting beeraeka, Lord quickly swapped locations and began to develop a town known as Automata.

Current Projects

LordOfTheShadows and her current projects consist of working on her town Automata along with other builds she has in other towns. She is also working on a build known as "Project Weiss."

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