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User MazeFrame
Known as Maze
Gender male
Location Germany
Nationality German
DOB 30 11
Occupation student (informatics)
In Freedonia
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I am MazeFrame (called Maze) and fairly new to the server (joined early september 2017). I live as a hermit in a very small wood hut in the forest around New Quebec without being associated with the town. If you wander around, you will find it.

As a member of the Peaceful Society Peaceful Society, I only fight the environment.

Plans & Projects

As of right now, I am still digging around in search for ores and shiny blue stuff. In the future I want to extend my little home to make room for more chests.

Redstony Bits

I consider myself to be good with redstone. I may not always find the most compact design, but it will always work.

So far my biggest Redstone-based undertaking was building a functional computer in Minecraft. Based on 8bit+8bit ( architecture it allows to read from "tape" like ROMs, take up user data, process it with a decently powerful ALU making use of 8byte Cache and 128byte RAM. As of September 2017, the display is 32 pixels high, 64 pixels wide and capable of Black, White and Green. Allthough the hardware to support green is still buggy. Maximum bandwidth of the main bus is 10 Byte per Minute enableing memory intensive tasks like sorting algorythms. Copying the design to MCO would require more than 60k Redstone and cause immense lag once activated. But maybe I will automate my base?


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